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Ques.1 Explain the formation of gall bladder stones?

Ans. Stones, or calculi, in the gall bladder are formations of toxic products mainly made up of cholesterol crystals, calcium salt, phospholipids and lecithin. These products, with time, are filtered through the liver and accumulate in the gall bladder. (The gall bladder is a small sack connected to the liver which gathers the bile secretions.)

Ques.2 What are the symptoms of gall bladder stones?

Ans. When one of these small stones obstructs the bile ducts that go to the intestine, a sharp colic is produced starting in the upper part of the abdomen and extending toward the back.

Ques.3 What suggestions should be recommended in gall bladder stones?

Ans. To relieve pain it is recommended to take a bath with cold water up to the waist and then alternate with warm water at the time the symptoms begin (colic). This is done to reduce abdomen inflammation.
 At the same time drink a lot of water and cranberry juice. These are good products for reducing inflammation, in addition to helping expel the tiny stones toward the intestine.
 Lecithin is an indispensable element of emulsify fats and cholesterol. It is a type of “organic soup” that the body uses to dissolve these fatty compounds in the liver. Lecithin helps impede stones from being formed in the gall bladder because of its power to dissolve and emulsify fats. Because of this, lecithin is one of the best products to eliminate gall bladder stones or calculi through the intestine.

Ques.4 How is the consumption of fiber & Niacin useful in case of gall bladder stones?

Ans. Fiber : Fiber stimulates the digestive functions and in turn causes greater production of bile juices which help to expel the stones towards the intestine.
Niacin : Niacin or Nicotinic Acid is another element which has been found to stimulate the production of bile juices. Fibers as well as Niacin are elements that assist in the lowering of blood cholesterol because they are the raw materials of bile juices.

Ques.5 Which medicines are advisable?
Ans. Gall bladder stones are generally removed by surgery only. But in early stages, take symptomatic medicines, after consulting your physician.

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