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Ques : 1    What is Gonorrhoea?

Ans :         This is an infection of the mucous membrane of genitourinary tract by Neisseria Gonorrhoea.

Ques : 2    What are the causes and clinical features of Gonorrhoea?

(1) Sometimes from infected covers. Towels, handkerchief etc.

(2) Acquired during sexual act.

Clinical Features : Incubation period 3 to 10 days.

Both males and females are affected mostly 15 to 30 years.

Male :

  • Urethral stricture is a sequel.
  • Subsequent sterility.
  • Pains, burning micturition, frequency, dysuria.
  • White or yellow discharge.
  • Retention of urine.
  • Fever with chill.

On Examination : Local lymph nodes in the groin are enlarged and tender.

Female :

  • Sometimes lower abdominal pain, fever.
  • Painful swollen of bartholin’s glands.
  • Frequency of micturition, pain, vaginal/ urethral purulent discharge.
  • Vaginismus, painful coitus.

Children : In babies – born of infected mothers there may be ophthalmia neonatorum.

Ques : 3    What can be the complication related to Gonorrhoea?

Ans :         Complications :

(1) Both males and females – (a) Iritis. (b) Arthritits, (c) Tenosynovitis,

(2) In males –

  1. Urethral fistula.
  2. Stricture Urethra,
  • Phimosis,
  1. Chordee,
  2. Acute prostatitis – prostatic abscess,
  3. Vesiculitis,
  • Acute epididymo-orchitis abscess,
  • Balanitis,
  1. Acute urethritis,
  • In females – (a) Dysmenorrhoea. (b) Recurrent salpingitis. (c) Sterility, (d) Leucorrhoea for chronic cervicitis,
  • In children – Ophthalmia neonatorum.

Ques : 4    Write about the Diagnosis and treatments of Gonorrhoea?

Ans :         Diagnosis : Examination of urethral or vaginal discharge – the presence of gram – negative intra-cellular gonococci confirms the diagnosis.

Treatment :

  • Homoeopathic remedies –
  • Benzathine penicillin 24 lakh units i.m. half of which should be injected into each buttock. For ophthalmia neonatorum procaine penicillin eye drops should be given locally in addition to procaine pencillin i.m. (In Penicillin sensitive patients, tetracycline 500 mg. every 6 hour for 10 days.
  • Urethral dilatation by kollman’s dilator and urethroscopy to cauterize dilatation by Kollman’s dilator and urethroscopy to cauterize the granulations are occasionally done by some expert physician.
  • A carefully regulated diet . Must be simple, digestible and moderate in quantity. All rich highly seasoned food, tea, coffee and alcoholic liquors must be avoided. Water should be the principal drink.
  • D.R.L. test should be done every month for consecutive 3 months to exclude associated syphilis.

Ques : 5    Which Homoeopathic medicines work in gonorrhoea?

Ans :         (1) CANNABIS SAT. – Inflammatory stage with painful symptoms. Great swelling of prepuce. Approaching phimosis, penis sore, as if burnt, painful when walking. Strangury. Burning in urethra and after micturition ; stream forked.

(2) THUJA – Discharge thin and greenish. Scalding pain when urinating, urethra swollen, stream forked. Checked gonorroea, causing articular rheumatism, prostatitis, sycosis & importence, sleeplessness. Nightly painful erection.

(3) NITRIC ACID – Gonorrhoea, with chancres and fig-warts, Small blisters on orifice of urethra and inner surface of prepuce. Bloody mucous or purulent discharge ; gleet, urine very offensive and painful in voiding.

(4) MERCURIUS – Complicated with chancre, Discharge yellowish green, purulent, more profuse at night. Swelling of prepuce. Urine passes in a thin stream, of in drops, sometimes mixed with blood. Worse at night and in damp, rainy weather.

Ques : 6    Which Biochemic Remedies work well in this case?

Ans :         (1) NATRUM MUR. – Chronic gonorrhoea, Transparent, watery discharge, slimy. Gonorrhoea, with scalding ; urethra painfully sore to pressure.

              (2) KALI MUR. - This is the chief remedy in gonorrhoea. It is, in fact, a specific for cases in which swelling exists, whether from subcutaneous or interstitial exudation.

              (3) NATRUM SULPH. – Chronic gonorrhoea with yellowish, greenish discharge, which keeps up, of thick consistency. Very little pain. Enlarged prostate. Figwarts.

                  (4) SILICEA – Gonorrhoea cases of long standing, with thick, foetid pus. Constant feeling of chilliness, even during exercise.

                  (5) FERRUM PHOS. – Inflammatory stage of gonorrhoea.

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# Dr. Pooja 2017-04-19
veneral diseases are those which can be spread through sexual contact, The spreading agents can bacteria ,viruses etc, The examples are syphilis and gonorrhoea can be can spread by sexual contact, you can also find list of Gynecologist in Belgaum.
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