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Ques. 1     What are the symptoms of Headaches?

Ans :         Different headaches have different types of symptoms :

  1. Headaches in the frontal area caused by Sinusitis (see Sinusitis).
  2. Headaches caused by inflammation of the temporal arteries. (See Atherosclerosis & Aneurysm). Only one side of the head aches in the temple area.
  3. Headaches produced by an allergic reaction which attack the areas of the mucous membrane internally and externally such as those around the eyes. The pain can occur in the area around the eyes, and the front of the head.
  4. In general, the migraine is present only in one side of the head.
  5. In tension headaches, the pain can occur in the area around the eyes, the front of the head and the nape of the neck.

Ques : 2    What are the causes of headaches?

Ans :         The causes are many and varied, but the main ones are:

Here, we will only analyze the first two types of headaches, migraines and tension headaches. There are two main causes for tension and migraine headaches:

  • Stress and bad posture (ii) Incorrect diet

Stress and bad posture tense the muscles of neck and back, throwing the vertebrae out of place, causing minor dislocation of  joints.

The vertebrae move out of alignment due to muscular tension and squeeze the veins in neck. There veins irrigate the head with blood, dilating them. This in turns irritates nerves that surround the veins causing pain, generally on only one side of the head.

The vertebrae fall out of alignment due to muscular tension. This irritates the nerves in the neck causing a muscular contraction which in turn irritates the nerves which control these muscles, causing pain.

Ques : 3    Which are the common suggestions to control headaches?

Ans :         Chocolate, flour (white bread) and refined sugars (white), aged cheese, table wines (red), acidic fruits, canned soups, sodas and coffee.

Some foods exist which cause a reaction in body producing headaches. This is because they dilate the ar teries in the brain causing pain. It is recommended that you eliminate those foods from you diet.Some which are most common are:

  1. Don’t skip any of the 3 daily meals.
  2. Overwork or strain can bring a migraine on as well as constipation.
  3. Have a regular schedule for meals.

To control stress, which is the main cause of headaches, look up the subjects “stress” in this book. 80% of headaches are caused by tension and stress. To eliminate this type of pain you need to learn to detect the moments in which the first symptoms of pain occur. Generally, It is after an emotional outburst of anger of frustration, etc. Immediately when pain star ts, stop what you are doing and relax completely. To achieve this, do the following:

Close your eyes, take deep breath and hold it, tense all the muscles, and then relax as you exhale. Do this three- ten times, imagining that you are in a peaceful place, such as glassy calm ocean. Keep breathing deeply and relax your body until you feel completely at peace. For more effective results, when pain starts, take one tablet of –‘Siberian Ginseng with Ginkgo Biloba’ and the pain should disappear. In case you have High BP take ‘Multivitamin’ in lieu of ‘Siberian Ginseng’. You should get plenty of sleep in a bed with a firm mattress. In addition, maintain a positive attitude and don’t worry in order to avoid stress.

Ques : 4    What are the common medicines for headache?

Ans :         B.C. No. 12, Belladona are the symptomatically used medicines. 


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