Ques. 1 Why do hemorrhoids occur? 

Ans. Hemorrhoids are caused by genetic weakness of the veins in the rectal area, sitting or standing for long period of time and anything that causes increased pressure in the rectal veins (pregnancy, heavy lifting, frequent straining during elimination). Low-fiber diets, with resulting constipation, are considered a major cause.

Ques. 2 Can obesity and pregnancy cause’s piles?

Ans. Yes, obesity and pregnancy can be a factor for increasing rectal vein pressure. Poor muscle tone can result in too much pressure on the rectal veins which lead to the piles.

Ques. 3 what are the investigation for piles?

Ans. Digital rectal examination or rectal endoscopy.

Ques. 4 Does pain and bleeding always indicate pile?

Ans. No, It can also be fissure, fistula or rectal cancer.

Ques. 5 Do hemorrhoids leads to cancer?

Ans. No, however the symptom of piles, particularly bleeding, is similar to those of colorectal cancer and other diseases of digestive tract. Therefore, it is important that Doctor should investigate all symptoms. 

Ques. 6 An ayurvedic cure for 4th degree piles

Ans. 4th degreepiles need to be operate by kshara sutra ligation and agnikarm excision . These ancient technique is used to remove piles masses thus leading to a permanent cure.


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