Gastritis in Children – What Should Parents Know?

Gastritis in Children – What Should Parents Know?

Gastritis in Children – What Should Parents Know?

Gastritis is turning out to be the most common and embarrassing issue in adults and nowadays, even children experience this problem. Experts state that gastritis in children is caused due to unhealthy food habits and lifestyle. Today children are very much fond of junk foods instead of healthy foods which cause Gastritis in Children. Here are some details of Gastroenterologist Hospitals in India and details parents should know when the child has this problem.

Symptoms of Gastritis:

Bad Eating:

In the present circumstances, rising kids are healthy manner is a real challenge for parents. The reason is that children these days are more addicted to fast foods. Even, when the parents do not introduce these foods to their kids, they learn about these foods from their friends at school and demand for them after reaching home. Here, parents should advice the kid to avoid gastritis foods which can arise when consuming these unhygienic and unhealthy foods severe health issues. Even though there is no harm when these foods are rarely given, when frequent consumption is done, it can lead to gastritis ayurvedic treatment for gastric problems.


Reports state that genetics can also lead to this issue in kids. It is found that family history plays an important role behind and as children get hereditary characters, this problem can also run to them from their genetics.


Even though earlier, it was hard to find children stating that they are stressed, nowadays, kids are facing more and more stress due to some parental and peer pressure as a result Stress causes Gastritis. They are pressurized to give their best in studies, and they are taught competitiveness right at early ages itself, which in turn leads to stress in them and the resulted Gastritis in Children.

Home Remedies for Gastritis:

Ginger Juice:

Experts state that ginger juice can bring excellent relief for gas trouble in kids. You can just peel the outer layer of fresh ginger and can grind the chopped ginger into a paste, add water to it and make the child drink it. Some kids do not like the spicy taste associated with this drink. So, parents can add some lemon juice and honey to make the drink tasty for them.

Flavonoid-rich Fruits:

Some fruits like cranberry, oranges and apples are filled with a high level of flavonoids. Not just gastritis problem, but many other stomach disorders can be cured with these fruits. These fruits can naturally neutralize the acidic nature of stomach walls which in result decreases the Gastritis in Children.

Coconut Water:

Kids generally love coconut water, which can act as an excellent drink for soothing the stomach. Also, this drink can act as the coolant for the entire body. When body heat is reduced, stomach troubles will be cured in an effective manner.


Honey is stated to be the excellent gift of nature that is rich in iron and many other healthy nutrients. When the kid is given a spoon of honey on a regular basis, he/she will develop good immune system health. Even, it can address the lack of appetite problem and kids. Even, lesser or no food consumption can lead to the gas formation and this will be prevented as honey can increase the desire towards food by acting as an excellent appetizer.

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