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AYUSH System stands for Ayurveda, Yoga & naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy system. These are medical systems followed in India from time immemorial. Do you know the important concepts behind these systems? They functio... Read More
As the popular saying goes ‘health is wealth’, many of us wish to know what’s in budget 2017 for this sector that saves our lives and also the lives of our loved ones. Due Significance: In fact, this sector got... Read More
  Life insurance policies are the safest and the most secure options to safeguard your family from financial contingencies that might arise in the future. Under such a policy, the insurer assures to pay a certain amount of money... Read More
  Each one of us should understand the benefits of Life insurance. If you are a responsible adult, you should ensure that your loved ones dependent on you are safe financially, in case, you leave them behind all of a sudden. Thi... Read More
As the demonetization encourages the use of electronic and plastic currency, it is expected that cash transactions will reduce to a great extent in the near future. In addition to boosting tax coffers, this move is expected to sha... Read More
There are various common diseases from which many people suffer. These diseases are present in every second person. These common diseases can be treated easily, but people should have to take precautions to get rid of it. Below ar... Read More
The father of Homoeopathy was a very popular Allopathic surgeon of Germany, Dr Samuel Hahnemann. He worked hard in bringing a system of therapeutics which could treat the disease fully and does not lead to any side effects, and th... Read More
Medical Health Insurance is an insurance coverage that shields the cost of an insured individual's medical expenses. It depends on the type of health insurance coverage; the person takes either the insurer makes payments directly... Read More
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Reiki is composed of two Japanese words - Rei and Ki. Reiki therapy is Japanese technique which promotes healing and helpful in stress reduction and provides relaxation also. It is based on the idea that unseen life force energ... Read More
Shoulder dislocation is a very painful injury caused by the collision with an object or hard fall or any others. The shoulder dislocation occurs when scapula separated from humerus at the shoulder joint. The shoulder joint is co... Read More
A wound is the type of injury to living tissue caused by a blow, cut or another impact typically one in which the skin is cut or torn. The wound is the forcible solution of continuity of refacing or skin with or without an invol... Read More