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10 Thyroid Mistakes Your Doctor May Be Making


If you are diagnosed to have thyroid problems, your doctor might be suggesting all possible remedies and medicines to keep you out of the troubles associated with this health issue. But, even after taking medicines, if the symptoms continue to be chronic, there are chances that your doctor might be making some mistakes that prevent you from finding the right relief. Here are the top 10 mistakes that most doctors commit when providing treating thyroid symptoms in women:

10. Paying attention just to the test reports as against your sufferings:

Most of the health care providers just focus on the reports, as against the symptoms experienced by their patients.

But, innovative doctors will be well-aware of the fact that the test numbers are just equations and your symptoms will be considered by good doctors to gauge whether you are getting the right treatment or whether he has prescribed you higher dosage as compared to what is actually needed by your body.

9. Focusing just on TSH Test reports overlooking full thyroid panel and antibody tests:

The thing you should be aware of as a thyroid patient is that the TSH test is just a single part of the levels in your body. Even, when your TSH is at normal or at the higher or at the lower end of the normal level, you can actually have some issues in this hormone.

A good practitioner will never rely on TSH levels alone, but will suggest addition tests like Free T4 and Free T3. Even, auto immune conditions might be causing thyroid-related issues in your body and so your doctor will suggest antibodies test to diagnose autoimmune conditions well before they affect the other blood valves.

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When antibodies are treated, there are chances that full-scale development of thyroid problems can be prevented.

8. Prescribing medicines only under a single brand:

Any drug can be stated to be effective for you, only when it suits your body. One of the biggest mistakes done by most practitioners is that they prescribe their patients with drugs only under a specific brand. If one brand is not bringing results to your body, the practitioner should be ready to prescribe another brand.

7. Failing to look at hormonal issues like adrenal issues as part of the picture:

When the underlying hormonal issues are not addressed, even the best treatment for thyroid will not workout. If your doctor does not suggest a test to evaluate the levels of other hormones in your body, he/she is overlooking an important aspect of your health.

6. Not instructing properly:

Do you know at what time and in what way to take the calcium and calcium fortified juice along with medicine for regulating your thyroid gland? Have you been provided with the right instruction about iron and vitamins to take? Are you aware of details about a diet rich in fiber content? Do you know the foods to avoid? If you do not have the right answers to these questions, your doctor has not given you the appropriate instructions to ensure the effectiveness of the medicines prescribed. This might be the reason why you are continuing to experience the symptoms of thyroid.

5. Failing to identify symptoms associated with thyroid:

Most doctors fail to realize how connected are problems related to this health issue to many symptomsThis is why many doctors could not provide the right relief to their patients.

4. Opting for RAI quickly before discussing options for hypothyroidism:

Only in the United States, Radioactive Iodine, shortly called as RAI is regarded as the ideal treatment for thyroid problems. But, some doctors directly opt for this treatment as against other options like alternative medicines for providing relief to symptoms of thyroid. This mistake should be avoided completely.

3. Overlooking the bigger picture of autoimmune disease:

After completely talking to the patients on what are the symptoms of thyroid experienced by them, only a few doctors warm their patients about the risk of developing autoimmune conditions like dry mouth and eyes, numbness in feet and hands or tingling sensation or rheumatoid arthritis. Even, some doctors do not ask their patients whether they are the symptoms associated with any of these autoimmune conditions.

2. Providing little support or help for weight loss:

Most doctors fail to remember that excess weight or loss of weight in a thyroid patient is due to the changes in this hormone level taking place in the body. Even, some doctors tell their patients with hypothyroidism that this issue has nothing to do with their weight. But, after taking medicines for regulating the functioning of thyroid gland, you will gain or lose weight, while some also face difficulty in weight loss. Even, in such a case, the doctors fail to provide support stating that this health issue has nothing to do with the weight of the patient and it is the responsibility of the patient to look for some other ways to lose weight.

1. Failing to motivate:

As a patient with improper functioning of thyroid gland, you should never lose hope to gain back your normal body functions. Here, your doctor should stand by your side providing motivation that when one medicine is not working out, we will try some other methods to normalize you. Some doctors fail to provide this sort of emotional support to their patients. When the patient gets into stress that it is not possible to find a remedy, the symptoms will further worsen as against getting better.


In short, you should be highly careful about selecting a doctor, who will talk to you to find symptoms of thyroid that you experience and should provide appropriate treatment. The right treatment with appropriate emotional support will help you get out of the issues related to thyroid gland. Wishing you all success in your treatment!

Prepare by Dr. Mukesh Chaturvedy

                     MCR Multicare Hospital, Khuian Sarwar


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VDRL tests should be done every month for 3 consecutive months for detecting syphilis as well as other sexually transmitted diseases,These tests should be conducted at proper times, find good Gynecologist in
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During the primary stage,DG illumination tests are very helpful, find good maternity hospitals-Nankem Hospital - Coonoor.
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