10 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Lacking Water
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10 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Lacking Water

10 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Lacking Water

Many humans are not aware of the fact that water forms 2/3rd of their body weight and in fact it should form and this is why humans are recommended to drink at least 7-8 glasses of water each day. It is highly hard to survive without water for a few days, even if a person can live without food for these many days. The reason for this is that each and every tissue, organ and cell in the body relies on water. It does the important role in a number of things and here are 10 warning signs that your body is lacking water:

1. Headaches and dizziness:
When the hydration level in your body reduces, there will be a reduction in the water surrounding around your brain. This can trigger migraines and headaches. So, when you have headache, rather than going in search of a pain killer, just try a glass of water understanding the importance of water.

2. Poor concentration:
When you find that you cannot concentrate on your work or studies all of a sudden, it can be a sign of lack of water supply to the brain. As the human brain is made up of nearly 90 percent of water, it is the first part that can quickly get dehydrated. You can also use water therapy, which means drinking nearly 1.5 liters of water on empty stomach every day not just to improve hydration, but also to get a wide range of benefits.

3. Dry mouth and bad breath:
When there is dehydration, it will show up as bad breath. The reason for this is that in such circumstances there will be lesser production of saliva, which has natural antibacterial properties. This will lead to growth of excess bacteria in the mouth leading to bad breath and dry mouth. In such a circumstance, just take a glass of purified water to prevent water borne diseases.

4. Digestive issues and constipation:
Only when you take enough water, your digestive system will be clean and flexible. It will help with improving your bowel movement. Otherwise, there will be hardening of stool, which in turn can lead to constipation. So, to prevent digestive issues and constipation, you should take the recommended level of water every day.

5. Sudden food cravings:
The next time when you get sudden cravings for food, it might be caused due to lack of water in your body. Before grabbing a snack, just drink a glass of water and you will find that the craving has gone away.

6. Reduced urination and change in color:
Urinating is the best method to get rid of toxins from the body and you can urinate only when you drink plenty of water. So, understanding the effects of water pollution, take purified drinking water to urinate more to get rid of toxins.

7. Lethargy and fatigue:
If you feel lethargic and fatigued, the reason might be dehydration. When you do not take the recommended level of water, it will lead to inadequate oxygen supply all through the body, inclusive of brain. When the brain does not get water, you will feel lethargic, fatigue and sleepiness.

8. Muscle and joint pain:
Do you know that water is important for healthy cartilage and joints? When there is lack of water in your body, the bones will start to rub against each other, thereby causing excessive joint and muscle pain. You can avoid this by understanding the importance of water and not ignoring it.

9. Dry skin and lips:
When you skin and lips look lifeless, it is a sign that there is lack of water in your body. So, consume water as a water therapy to keep each and every organ inclusive of skin and lips healthy.

10. Accelerated heart beat:
Do you know that dehydration has a direct impact on heart rate and performance? The reason is that lack of water in your body can bring down the plasma volume, which in turn will make the blood more vicious. This in turn will affect blood flow and can increase your heart rate.

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