5 Foods That Can Bring Down The Risk of Death As Per Science
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5 Foods That Can Bring Down The Risk of Death As Per Science

5 Foods That Can Bring Down The Risk of Death As Per Science

As most of us know, we humans come with an expiry date and even though it is believed by some people that this date of death is decided right on their birth itself, scientists state that it happens due to cell damage and when the cells in the body die one after the other, finally, the overall bodily death happens. Science states that humans these days are quickening their death date by following some unhealthy lifestyle and food habits. For instance, many of us do not keep exercise regime as a part and parcel of life and most of us these days are taking junk foods in huge quantity. When junk foods that take longer hours for digestion stays in the body for long, they give a lot of work to the digestive organs and also when there is no physical movement, different organs in the body had to work even harder and this can lead to faster cell damage.

Tricks to delay death:

Science states that there are some foods that can lower the risk of death and here are the details about the top 5 foods that can help in this regard:

1. Fruits and vegetables:

As most of us know, fruits and vegetables are healthy for humans as they are naturally low in calorie and fat contents. In addition, they are also packed with healthy nutrients like minerals, fibres and vitamins. In addition, they can bring lesser work for our digestive system and other organs to extend our life.

2. Fibre rich foods:

Fibre rich foods will not only help us in leading a longer life, but these foods will help in normalizing the bowel movement as well. They will also help in maintaining lower level of cholesterol and they can keep the blood sugar levels under control as well. All these things can make us stronger.

3. Legumes and nuts:

Mono and polyunsaturated plant oils are healthy for humans as against saturated fatty foods. So, you can turn to nuts and legumes not only for getting nutritional health benefits, but also for extending your life as well.

4. Potassium rich foods:

As you might be aware, potassium is helpful for the human body. The foods that are rich in this mineral will help in preventing kidney stone formation and they will help in preserving bone density as well.

5. Tea:

You might be surprised and even you might feel happier to find your favourite drink in this list of foods that can delay the death risk. Yes, even though this beverage has caffeine content, this content is lower in tea as compared to coffee. Furthermore, this drink will help in improving your performance, concentration and mood. So, never forget to include a cup or two cups of tea in your day-to-day diet.

Remember that delaying death is all about leading not only a healthier, but also a happier life as well. Keep yourself away from stress-creating factors as well.

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