5 Signs You've Got Dried Out or Dehydrated

5 Signs You've Got Dried Out or Dehydrated

5 Signs You've Got Dried Out or Dehydrated

Dehydration is something that occurs when the body does not have sufficient water and other fluids. Generally, human body needs water to ensure the appropriate functioning of different organs. When the water content reduces, it can lead to complications like blood clots and seizures and even many other risky complications. Even, studies shows that very mild dehydration can also have an adverse effect in the energy levels in humans. So, it becomes important to identify dehydration as early as possible. But, to identify the same, you should be aware of the signs of dehydration and here are five of them for your understanding:

  1. Fevers and chills:

Even though, the summer has led to lack of water content in the body, some people will experience chills and fevers as the important signs for the same. When these symptoms persist, it is better to seek immediate medical help and the doctor will be in a position to say whether you are dehydrated or not.

  1. Headaches:

When talking about dehydration symptoms, one of the most prominent signs experienced by many people is headache. When the body does not have enough water content, it will also lack essential salts and minerals. When the brain is deprived of salts like potassium and sodium, there will be an effect on the consistency of the brain. This in turn can show up as headache. So, when you have headache try taking more fluids and if it eases, it might be because of reduced water content in your body.

  1. Bad Breath:

Saliva in the human body has got the natural antibacterial properties. When there is no enough water content in the body, there will be lack of saliva as well. This in turn can contribute towards overgrowth of bacteria, thereby leading to bad breath as one of the common dehydration symptoms.

  1. Constipation:

As most of us know, water helps in movement of the foods that we consume through the colon in a smooth manner. But, when your body does not have enough water content, the wastes will take time to get out of your body. This will make you feel constipated. When constipation is stated to be important signs of dehydration, it is recommended to take fiber rich foods as they can provide the essential water supply to the body.

  1. Muscle cramps:

The hotter you get, greater are the chances that you will get muscle cramps. This is due to the pure head effect on the muscles. When the muscles do not have enough water supply, they will have to work harder and this can lead to muscle cramps. In addition, changes in the electrolyte, potassium and sodium levels in the body can also lead to muscle cramps.

So, consider the signs of dehydration mentioned above and in this summer season, take steps to protect yourself from dehydration by taking as much as water and watery fruits and vegetable as much as possible.

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