6 Things to Know before Adopting a Rescue Cow and Cow rescue centers
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6 Things to Know before Adopting a Rescue Cow and Cow rescue centers

6 Things to Know before Adopting a Rescue Cow and Cow rescue centers

Adopting a rescue cow from any cow rescue centers or from any place is a kind and munificent deed and also can assists you in associating with a pet in need. You’re not only helping the cow to get a home, but you are also getting a lovable family member. Since, the Animal Homes are not easy to find. However, before embracing it’s significant to comprehend devotion and assurance. Here are some things which you all should know before embracing any rescue cow:

1. Adopting a Cow is an enduring commitment: They are not like other pets; they are cows who require more commitment. They usually exists for 18-22 years, you can live more years with your lovable pet. And also assist any care-taker for specialized care for them particularly during your vacations or illness period.

2. Cows require more care: The cow required to be cleaned up, grazed and petted. They will possibly lick you thereafter. This is the manner, the pets (even cows also) shows their love to their owners, similar to dogs.

3. Know the size of the cow you’re adopting: However, the cows are very calm animals, but their weight is not less, you can’t play with them, it might cause any injury to you. You’ll also necessitate making sure that you have enough space to give that cow a comfortable room.

4. Find any veterinarian of your arena for treatment (if needed): Find out an animal veterinarian nearby your house prior bringing your cow in the home. However, you may also do routine check-ups on cow for every month or 2-3 weeks and can also give it the required vaccinations and also take the contact number of any expert, for the case of any healthy emergency with your cow.

5. Familiar with the food of cow and the need of water: Cows regularly drink a lot of water; it can drink more than 20 gallons in a day and even more in summer days. The water container should be large enough to pour the water and also be cleaned on a regular basis. The blocks of salt must be accessible to them as well.

6. Examine one’s space: The area of a cow required is 80 square ft. at a minimum for a single. The bedding of cows should be very hygienic, comfortable and dry as well. They would also necessitate more bedding in winter season; they may be given some bed covers or blankets etc. Cows also obligated about 1 acre risk-free grazing land and 2acres max. And you may also make fences of about 8-10 ft. amongst every post and should be 4 ft. in its height.

Rescue Centers

There are innumerable rescue centers in our country for helping the pets, especially cows and providing them shelter. Some of them are listed below:

HIS (Help In Suffering)-India

HIS-India is an Indian Charitable trust, functioning for the assistance of the animals of our country. It also works as a rescue center for helping the animals in need. HIS was established in the year 1980, on only two-acres of land in the southern region of Jaipur and now has turned into a large animal benefit organization with numerous projects. It has also opened several veterinary hospitals for curing all animals, and intends to give home to many not owned animals as much as probable.

Animal Aid

Animal aid is one of the rescue center with veterinary hospitals and animal sanctuary for the injured or sick animals (specially cow) in Udaipur (Raj, India). They rescued thousands of injured & ill animals every year and presented them comfortable place to live in as a sanctuary for prolonged care by experts.

VSPCA (Vishaka Society for Protection & Care of Animals)

This society had established since 1996 for determined and dedicated hard work towards animal welfare. It is working for improving the conditions of cows and other animals of our country. It has prevented the illegal trade of our animals such as rescue cows, sea turtles and water buffalo to the international market. And also hand over them to their previous owners and also treat the injured or sick animals out of them. If the previous owner is not liable, then they provide permanent sanctuary to these animals. They are having hundreds of cows, dogs, cats, birds, ducks, tortoises and many other animals in their sanctuaries.

BCI (Blue Cross of India)

It is also a welfare organization working towards the benefit of animals, particularly in Chennai, India. BCI was founded in the year 1959 by Cap. V. Sundaram, in Chennai, afterwards Madras. This society was officially come in to being in 1964 in accordance with the Societies Registration Act. It is nowadays one of the India’s largest welfare organizations, based upon animals. It also functions distinct programs for the welfare of animals such as animal’s rights awareness programme.

Karuna Society for Animals & Nature

Karuna Society was established in the year 2000 in Puttarparthi, Andhra Pradesh, Southern India. It is functioning as an NGO for animal welfare as well as for environment by providing free health care & also home to the sick, neglected and injured animals, and also working for food production with organic farming.

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