Acupressure Therapy For Healing The Body

Acupressure Therapy For Healing The Body

Acupressure Therapy For Healing The Body

Acupressure Therapy is actually a Traditional Chinese Medicine shortened as TCM. It is a technique based on the method called acupuncture. It is prehistoric method of healing, wherein the key points are skillfully pressed and triggered with the help of fingers and this is done for stimulating the natural healing property of the body. When these points are given pressure, there will be a release of muscular tension, thereby leading to enhanced blood circulation. This technique works through the meridian pathways.

Benefits of acupressure therapy to the body:

This therapy provides a wide range of benefits to the body like it can relieve pain, can provide soothing effect to the body and can improve blood circulation to a great extent. This technique is practiced on the basis of the theory that there is some sort of invisible energy present in the human body and this energy flows all through the body, just like blood flowing through the body. The Chinese, who introduced this system, call this energy as ‘Qi’. Chinese believe that when the ‘Qi’ gets stuck in the body, it will bring about an imbalance in the different systems. It is believed that acupressure points are the points in the human body that are susceptible to blockages for Qi and this is why when pressure is exerted to these points in specific ways, it will help in restoration of normal energy flow, thereby helping towards maintaining steady state of the body.

Acupressure and Reflexology:

Even though, acupressure alone can provide a wide range of relief to the body, it can work out more effectively with similar techniques like reflexology. As these two techniques are compatible and complimentary, they can bring about the intended results in an effective manner. For instance, if you have problem in the bowels or spastic colon, you can rely on acupressure to get the intended relief. All you have to do is to rub your thumb along the side of index finger from the tip of the finger to the wrist. This action can help in relieving the tension in large intestine meridian, thereby providing relief to the ailment. This method can be complemented with the other technique called reflexology on the reflex zones of hands or feet across the center of the palm or soles of the feet. The combination of these two techniques can go a long way in providing the best relief to the issues associated with digestive tracts.

Overall health:

Experts practicing this technique are of the opinion that it has a lot of benefits for mental, spiritual and physical health. It can be used as an excellent home remedy for a number of ailments. For instance, if you have severe pain in any part of your body, you can just press and trigger the particular point to get the relief. But, you can get the relief only when you are aware of the location of pressure points for different organs in the body. If you do not press the right points, there are chances of health complications. So, before an individual decides to practice this system in his home, he will have to get fundamental training in this technique.

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