Alcoholism is not good for Health

Alcoholism is not good for Health

Alcoholism is not good for Health

Alcoholism refers to addition to alcohol . it is chronic disorder  I which a person is unable to refrain from frequent and excessive consumption of alcohol for physical or psychological  reasons. The (WHO) has listed alcoholism as one of the three most deadly killer diseases of the 20th century .

Alcoholism is also not of the most serious  problems. It often brings poverty  and certain amount of crime and results in marital unhappiness which shows that their homes were broken. A alcoholic person also leads to Numbers of traffic accidents.


According to WHO ,”Alcoholics are those excessive drinkers who dependence on alcohol has attained such a degree that it shows a noticeable mental disturbance and interference with their bodily or mental health , their interpersonal relationship and their smooth social and economic functions , or who show the prodromal signs of such development.

Excessive drinking often causes premature greying of hair due to vitamin deficiency .  Chronic alcoholism results in a depletion of minerals in the body , particularly magnesium its lack produces symptoms like  tumor  of the hands , feet and tongue , convulsions mental clouding and perspiration .

Excessive drinking impose a strain on the liver . Its gradually destroy its function and often causes cirrhosis  of the liver . Its leads   to  disorder of the  stomach and  bowels.  It can causes brain damage as brain cells are often affected by it .  Alcohol also affects the heart which becomes weak and flabby.

What are  the  causes ?

Alcoholism results from intemperate drinking . sometimes  its  sneaks   upon  a person  comparatively and rapidly, other than , years may pass he before a person  becomes a full – fledged  addicted of alcoholic . A weak – minded or we can a persons who not able to accepted his situation consoles himself by taking  to drugs  or alcohol . In doing so he simply  tries to escape the situation rather than face it boldly.

A person gradually takes to drinking as a means to enliven social  life to overcome a anxiety  or to less sleep.  He becomes an alcoholic due to which he gets dependent on alcohol physically and psychologically . He resorts to heavy  drinking because of his maladaptive way of dealing with life’s stresses.

Treatment Required

The chronic alcoholic first of all must make a firm resolve to stop drinking . He should abstain from alcohol all at once for the habit cannot be got rid  of in gradual stages.

The most effective way to treat alcoholism is to built the body’s nutritional integrity so as to present craving for stimulants drinks. The patients must be put in to a cleansing juice fast for at least 10 days  in the beginning  . During this period he should have  juice may be diluted with warm water , if desired . If orange juice does not agree, vegetables juices may be taken . Each day while fasting bowels should be cleansed of effete and poisonous matter thrown off by the self cleansing  process set up  by the body . This can be achieved by warm water enema.

Copious drinking of water not fomentations on the stomach and abdomen with a wet girdle pack between applications are also effective water treatment for alcoholism . And finally it will be advisable to follow the ten commencements to prevent alcoholism offered by psychiatrist . Dr Willian  B

“Never drink when you need one “

Never every try to take a drink in the morning thinking it will curse a hangover.

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