Back-To-School Health Tips For Children

Back-To-School Health Tips For Children

With schools around the nation already started the academic year, some schools are yet to begin after the vacation. Getting your child ready to start the new school year is something that involves more than just finding a perfect backpack, purchase of school supplies and shopping for new set of uniforms. As a mom, it is your responsibility to safeguard the kid’s health, such that he/she will be physically ready for the challenges as he is heading back to the routine after a long vacation. Here are some back-to-school health tips that will keep your kid healthy all through this academic year:

Wash hands:

Mayo Clinic states that the most effective method to avoid catching or spreading of germs is to encourage your child to wash hands regularly. Also, it is important to teach how to wash hands thoroughly from front and back and in between fingers. Even though simple soap and water can do the best, hand sanitizers can also be used.

Do not forget the shots:

Even though, school-year immunizations are not compulsory in India, it is better to check with your doctor in this regard. Make sure that the immunizations are up-to-date. Flu vaccines are generally recommended for kids in school-age, unless he/she is allergic to vaccines.

Schedule a checkup:

A complete physical exam will help in making sure that your kid is healthy and free from any sort of virus before getting back to regular scheduled after vacation. Even though, most schools in India conduct yearly visit by health care professionals, it is better to do the checkup before the academic year begins.

Reinstate routines:

At least a week before the beginning of regular school hours, shift your child from the summer carefree sleeping hours to regular bedtime schedules. This is the time they should reduce the time spent on playing computer games and watching television. You can help your child towards this transition by motivating reading an hour before bedtime.

Power up your child with good nutrition:

You might be aware of the fact that childhood obesity is considerably increasing these days. Even though, this was a menace in countries like US, this is slowly spreading in India as well. Earlier, it was hard to find obese children, but nowadays, it is highly common. To prevent your child from getting obese, it is better to opt for healthy breakfast recipes. When the right food and a moderate playtime are allotted each day, overweight and obesity can be prevented. Keep your child away from junk foods and fast foods.

Check for head lice:

Find whether your child is indulging excessive head scratching. Teach your child not to share clothes, hats and combs. Do visually check for the presence of lice once the school begins as there are greater chances of lice spreading from one kid to another.

Be care of allergens:

A new school year generally coincides with a new allergy season. There are chances of dust allergy from school. Some children might face runny nose, coughing and sneezing, while others might develop even asthma. So, identify whether you kid has any allergy and act accordingly.

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