Is Bipolar Disorder Comes From Depression And How We Can Cure
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Is Bipolar Disorder Comes From Depression And How We Can Cure

Is Bipolar Disorder Comes From Depression And How We Can Cure

Bipolar disorder is a condition that was previously called as manic depression. If you ask whether this order comes from depression, it is actually a state of depression itself and not caused by depression. This condition causes extreme mood swings for the patients inclusive of emotional lows and emotional highs. For patients with this condition, when they feel depressed, they will feel completely hopeless and sad, thereby losing interest or pleasure in most activities. On the flip side, if they are on the high side, they will feel euphoric with complete energy. These mood shifts tend to happen only a few times a year or even frequently like for several times a week. Even though this condition is disruptive and long-term in nature, the moods can be kept in check with appropriate bipolar disorder treatment plan. In most cases, this condition can be controlled with the right psychological counselling along with suitable medications.

Symptoms to be Aware of:

It is better to understand the bipolar disorder symptoms, such that an individual can judge for himself whether medical help is actually needed. Symptoms generally vary when the patient is in an elevated mood and in a depressed mood. In the former case, he/she will feel extreme happiness for long stretches of time and he/she will be easily agitated. The talks will be very fast and will be accompanied by racing thoughts. There will be extreme restlessness and impaired judgment, apart from unrealistic overconfidence in his/her own abilities and powers. The patient will also showcase risky behaviors when he is on the high side. In the latter case of bipolar disorder, there will be feeling of hopelessness or sadness for a longer period of time. Speech will be very slow and there will be considerable loss or increase in appetite. In the case of bipolar depression, the patient will experience a severe lack of energy or fatigue. They will have problems with decision-making, concentration, and memory. In short, in both cases, it will be difficult for the patient to understand the reality similar to the condition called schizophrenia.

How is it Diagnosed?

This condition can be highly difficult to diagnose and generally people do not feel harder when they feel highly enthusiastic and so on the high side, it will be difficult to diagnose. On the other hand, when they feel highly depressed and seek medical help, the doctor will try to diagnose the high side to actually judge whether it is a normal depression or it is bipolar. When the doctor doubts, he/she will follow different approaches to conducting the right diagnosis. There is no specific bipolar disorder test, but the doctor will try to rule out other conditions like thyroid problems. He might conduct a mental health evaluation, a mood-charting diary for identifying the sleep patterns and daily mood swings and the doctor might use a diagnostic and statistical manual disorder to compare the symptoms with official data related to this disorder. Now, you know what is bipolar disorder, its symptoms, and other details, but how about bipolar disorder treatment? Let us find out here:

Bipolar  Disorder Treatment:

Bipolar disorder treatment is generally best to be guided by a psychiatrist, who is skilled in treating this condition and its related issues. As far as initial treatment is concerned, the doctor will prescribe some medications to balance the moods. Also, this condition is something that needs continuous and long-term treatment. The doctor might also recommend psychological counseling to control mood swings and also to help the patient to manage both highs and lows in an effective manner. If the patient has problems with substance abuse, the appropriate treatment will be suggested to help him get out of this habit as well. If the patient gets frequent suicidal thoughts on the low side, the doctor might recommend admission to the hospital. In the treatment of bipolar disorder, medicines like mood stabilizers, antipsychotics, antidepressants, and anti-anxiety are prescribed.


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