Blacklisted Doctors in India

Blacklisted Doctors in India

In India, to practice medicine, it is important that the MBBS holders should register themselves with Medical Council of India or appropriate state medical council.
In addition, patients are also recommended to seek the help of any doctor after confirming whether he/she is a registered medical practitioner. The thing to be remembered by patients here is that the Medical Council of India, then there issues the list of blacklisted doctors in India. So, patients are recommended to check whether the name of their doctor is present in this list, such that they can safely discontinue the treatment and can look for some other doctors for their ailment.

What actually is blacklist?
Blacklist in general is a list or register or entities of people, who are denied a particular recognition, access, mobility service or privilege for one reason or another. When it comes to the field of medicine, when a list of blacklisted doctors in India is published by Medical Council of India, it means that the doctors in India in this list are not any more registered members of MCI or in other way. Patients can get the treatment from these doctors only at their own risk. So, it is better to check the list to find whether doctors in your state is present in the list to prevent getting treatment from them.

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