Brain Tumor: Symptoms and Treatments

Brain Tumor: Symptoms and Treatments

Brain Tumor: Symptoms and Treatments

When talking about brain tumor symptoms, it is actually stated that the signs vary greatly on the basis of a wide range of factors like the rate of growth of the tumour, its size, and its location. However, there are some common brain tumor symptoms in children and also in adults like headache, nausea, and vomiting. A brain tumour is actually a group of abnormal cells that begin their growth in the brain. The worst thing about brain tumor is that it can directly destroy the cells in the brain. In addition, it can also indirectly damage cells by pushing on other parts of the brain. This, in turn, will lead to inflammation and also an increase in the pressure inside the skull. Even though these tumours can occur at any age, in the case of children it is generally a rare occurrence. Now, let us gather some details about the treatment options:

Brain Tumor Treatment:

Similar to that of brain tumour symptoms, the treatment for this condition is also decided by doctors considering different factors. When it comes to caring for a patient with a brain tumor, different doctors generally work together for creating the overall treatment plan for the patient that will encompass varied types of treatments. This means that they will follow a multidisciplinary approach to treating the patient with a brain tumour. As mentioned earlier, when deciding the right treatment like surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, the doctor will consider factors like the location of the tumor, its size, if the tumor is spread to other parts of the brain, whether it adds pressure to the vital organs of the brain and finally the preference of the patient. Of course, they will also decide on the basis of the possible side-effects. The reason for this is that brain tumor surgery and side effects go hand-in-hand, and it is unavoidable.

Managing the Side-Effects:

When talking about this condition, it becomes important to understand the causes of the brain tumor. Even though the exact cause is not fully understood, it is stated that there are certain risk factors like previous cancers, exposure to radiation, genetic conditions and family history. The problem with brain tumor treatment is that it will cause side-effects. Apart from slowing down the progression of the tumour, it is really a challenge for the doctors to relieve the brain tumor symptoms and side-effects. This is something termed as supportive or palliative care, which involves providing the best support to the patient in his/her social, emotional and physical needs. When talking about the treatment, hair loss is stated to be the important ill-effect of radiation and chemotherapy given for preventing the tumor from spreading to other parts by destroying the cells. Some of the treatment options include medulloblastomas, ependymomas, brainstem gliomas and astrocytoma.

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