What is there in Budget 2017 for Health Care Sector?
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What is there in Budget 2017 for Health Care Sector?

What is there in Budget 2017 for Health Care Sector?

As the popular saying goes ‘health is wealth’, many of us wish to know what’s in budget 2017 for this sector that saves our lives and also the lives of our loved ones.

Due Significance:

In fact, this sector got considerable importance in the Budget 2017 filed on 1st of February 2017 by the Finance Minister of India. The minister actually publicised proposals to widen the presence of important drugs across the nation. He also announced plans to bring down the cost of drugs that can actually save the lives of people. These are moves that are predictable to bring relief to the health care sector without any doubt, particularly in the rural areas of the country. The minister also revealed about the action plan of the government to get rid of certain diseases like measles, filariasis, kala-azar and tuberculosis in the next few years.

Reforms in the Medical Learning in the Country:

When it comes to planning for the budget for the health care sector, it becomes important for the government to focus on the medical learning as well. With this focus in mind, the minister announced 5000 new PG seats in medicine. In addition, Mr Arun Jaitley also announced about the idea to set up a couple of AIIMS in states of Gujarat and Jharkhand.

Sanitation as the Biggest Thing:

The government is rightly aware of the fact that improper sanitation is the important reason for many illnesses in the rural areas of the country. Also, the focus of the government in improving medical access to the rural areas of the country is clearly visible from the Finance Budget 2017. Particularly, the focus is to improve the health care to the less privileged section on preventive measures.

He also announced about the moves to be made by the government to convert 1.5 lakh sub-centres for health into wellness centres for health, which is pointed out as an excellent announcement by people in the health care sector.

Key Points in Budget 2017 for Health Care Sector:

  • Smartcards that will be based on Aadhar card will be supplied to individuals of more than 60 years to keep a watch on their health.
  • Target to eliminate Tuberculosis by 2025.
  • Under the nationwide scheme for carrying moms, Rs.6000 will be transferred to their bank accounts
  • Proposal to establish two new AIIMS
  • To promote telemedicine, the government has proposals to introduce Digi Gaon.
  • New rules pertaining to medical equipment will be framed to bring down their costs.

Are these Measures Enough for the Country?

At present, the country grade very depleted on fundamental health care parameters. It is reported that nearly 400 million people across the nation are not in a position to get even basic health services and even this problem is worse in the rural areas of the country. At present, more than 70% of the populace in the country is based on rural India among which just 5% people are rich, while 35% are middle-income group people and an alarming 60% are poor. Furthermore, the rural sector in the country reports nearly 70% of infectious diseases and nearly 50-70% of non-communicable health issues.

It is stated by some group of people that there are no structural declarations by the finance minister for the health care sector. Moreover, the allocation is showing an increase of just 10% as compared to the allocation made in the Budget 2016. So, even though, there are good things in Budget 2017 for health care, some people afraid whether it will be enough.

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