Can Stress Really Lead To Weight Gain?

Can Stress Really Lead To Weight Gain?

In the present fast-paced world, stress is stated to be the most common problem faced by people. It is something that can bring a slow, yet definite fall in the physical and mental well-being of individuals. Even though, this cannot be understood initially, it will slowly creep into the lives of humans and finally, it will make its effect felt on the humans. When you suddenly find that the costume that you were wearing comfortably so far is difficult to wear now and if you have been facing a lot of mental pressure due to personal or professional reasons for the past few months, you might have gained weight because of your stress. This is a new concept now and it is also difficult to stop the weight gain caused due to excessive stress.

If you are wondering whether stress can lead to excess weight, here are some of the factors that show how these two things are interconnected:

Consumption of high calorie foods:

When you are not in the right mood, you will not focus on the foods that you consume. Even, some people take eating as the means of combating stress and this will naturally lead to an increased calorie intake that happens without your knowledge. As most of us know, when high calorie foods are consumed on a regular basis, without burning any calories from the body, it will automatically lead to additional weight.

Skipping a meal:

To make sure that the metabolic process of the body will happen in the right manner, it is important to have three meals a day. But, when an individual is under stress, there are greater chances that he will skip a meal as he will not even feel hungry. For instance, when he skips the meal during breakfast, he will consume more food to compensate the skipping during the next meal of the day. This in turn will contribute towards adding on more fat content to the body.

Food Craving:

As mentioned earlier, some people take eating as the tool for relieving stress. This will create a craving in their mind for food. Not just skipping of meal in some people, but also excess food consumption due to hungry feeling again and again can lead to gaining of weight.

Sleep loss:

As stress is something related to brain, it will make people think more. This can disturb the biometric cycle and this in turn will affect the sleeping habits as well. Loss of sleep can lead to cravings for food and it will also lead to increased cortisol levels, thereby increasing the body weight in a natural manner.

Cigarette, alcohol and caffeine:

Some people consume more of these stuff when they are stressed. This will lead to increase in the secretion of cortisol hormone. This hormone is generally stored as fat, when the body does not burn the right level of calories per day.

Release of stress hormone:

As mentioned earlier, there is the hormone called as cortisol that is produced by the adrenal gland in the human body. This hormone will bring about an increase in the level of glucose and it will also increase the fat level in the body, thereby leading to increased body weight.

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