Can We Avoid Minor And Major Surgery?

Can We Avoid Minor And Major Surgery?

Can We Avoid Minor And Major Surgery?

Nowadays, the medical field has developed a lot and earlier many surgical procedures were conducted by opening the entire part, which risked the life. But, nowadays, key hole or laparoscopic surgery is available as an alternative. Even though, patients fear about surgeries, doctors recommend their patients to opt for laparoscopic surgery stating that it is risk free as just small incisions alone are made and also the recovery time is quicker. However, even in the case of key hole surgery, anesthetic procedure is involved and many people are allergic to anesthetic drugs. This is why it is recommended by alternative medical experts to avoid surgeries regardless of their type as much as possible. But, is it really possible to avoid surgeries? Let us gather some details for some popularly known surgical procedures:

Bypass surgery and open heart surgery:

Many of us come across the terms open heart surgery and bypass surgery when it comes to heart diseases. Most of us have a doubt whether there are any differences between the two. Both these are different surgical procedures and both of them are sophisticated methods performed for relieving a heart health issue. 

  • Open heart surgery is one in which the chest is opened completely. Open heart here involved opening of the chest and not the heart. 
  • This operation may be conducted without opening the heart. For instance, it might involve operations performed on other parts of the chest like arteries, muscles or valves of the heart.
  • Open heart surgery is performed by making small incisions on the chest

Coronary artery bypass surgery:

Bypass surgery is actually called by this name and it is shortly called as CABG. This procedure is conducted when the flow of blood through the arteries is affected. This generally happens, when the arteries are thickened with plaque.

  • During bypass surgery, the blocked area is literally bypassed to ensure a smooth flow of blood to the heart.
  • Bypass surgery can be performed both under open method and less invasive method and doctor will choose one on the basis of his expertise.
  • During this procedure, the heart is completely provided rest and the functions performed by the heart are performed by a machine to maintain blood circulation all through the body.

Can heart surgery be avoided?

A leading preventive cardiologist, Dr. Pratiksha G. Gandhi, has stated that around 70-90 percent of heart patients, who are known to have critical arterial blocks, need not have to undergo bypass surgery. She has stated that surgeries are not removing the blockages, but they are just increasing the flow of blood to the heart. So, the procedure does not remove the symptoms and the process of making disease. She recommends patients, who have been suggested to opt for a bypass surgery for blockage, should get a second opinion. Here are the suggestions she has given to avoid heart surgery:

  • Counseling for stress management
  • Yoga
  • Regular exercise
  • Vegetarian diet with low fat content

She also suggests Enhanced External Counter Pulsation treatment, even for patients, who have been identified as hopeless for recovery. There are also therapies like EECP to help these patients.

Lasik surgery:

For those, who have been encouraged to opt for the idea of getting Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, commonly referred to as Lasik Surgery, it is important to think again before opting for this procedure. But, what exactly is this procedure? It is a surgical procedure, wherein the shape of your cornea is permanently changed. This means that the clear thing that covers the front of your eyes is replaced with excimer laser. The end result is stated to be a perfect vision. But, is it true? Will all the individuals undergoing this procedure be in a position to get a perfect vision? 

Many patients accept for Lasik surgery with the mission that they will get a perfect vision. But, even though, this is stated to be the quickest procedures, its results can bring a minimum of six months of impaired vision and considerable discomfort in the eyes. There are records that state that most patients, who have undergone this treatment, have actually lost their perfect vision.

To conclude, any type of surgical procedure can be avoided by making some healthy lifestyle changes.

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