Cancer in India: Now its patient’s responsibility to come forward and get treated
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Cancer in India: Now its patient’s responsibility to come forward and get treated

Cancer is one of the leading cause s of morbidity and mortality in India due to non-communicable diseases; and it’s expected to increase further in near future. According to recent WHO cancer statistics lung, oral, lip, throat and neck cancers are the most common among males and cervix, breast, and ovarian cancers are more common in females.

Management of cancer involves key steps of early detection9. Cancer is curable when it’s detected early. Last decade has shown remarkable advances in cancer for diagnosis and treatment. Majority of cancers are not only curable but also preventable. Lung cancer, oral cancers are best examples of behavior related cancers which can be prevented by changes in habits. Many other cancers like gastric cancer also related to dietary habits.

Though India is resource limited country but in today’s context there are various measures which can help to reduce burden of cancer on individual and society hence national burden of disease. There are various programs/projects run by government, NGOs, support groups, websites, mobile applications, which are dedicated in awareness and treatment related information of cancer. They also provide detection camps, treatment at subsidized rate; sometimes free treatment; education and awareness, mobile cancer units, electronic and print materials for education and awareness.

Cancer patients need to come forward and get treated. Though it’s a one of the dreadful disease, looking at facilities available now it’s a good time for patients in India. Primary, secondary, tertiary healthcare centers and hospitals are being set up across the country. And easily accessible to rural patients as compared to past.

Let’s all take pledge to spread the awareness to those who need it most. We all must remember that each one of us is susceptible to cancer. So let’s be educated about it and teach others also. Best strategy to be have regular follow up with doctor nearby us for routine health checkup. Utilize all possible opportunities of screening camps and questionnaires.

As we all know India is resource poor country we can be part of this health delivery system by volunteering. We can donate physical efforts, time and money to needy. Even just a few words of consolation can give smile to souls.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dr. Nitin A.




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