Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease


Severe health issues like heart attacks or heart strokes are usually due to atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a relentless assimilating fatty substance of our body present on the walls of arteries blood vessels that are known to provide blood to the heart as well as brain. Remaining accretion results in the creation of lesions which are also referred to as atheromatosis. Ultimately, the lesion expands and enlarges, and hence contracts the artery size and limiting the amount of blood entering through the vessels. In this way, the blood gets thick and evades the flexibility nature.

Since the heart and the brain of human body doesn’t get dampened properly, these restrictions on the flow of blood results in atherosclerosis and can ultimately cause cardiovascular issues like angina. Some other limitations specified can reproduce some severe cardiovascular diseases, which can even comprise heart attacks or even strokes.

Sometimes, the expanded arteries can broken down or can also develop certain blood clots in it that can usually works as blockage in blood vessels and thus results in heart strokes or attacks.


There are usually no particular symptoms or indications for this disease. However, the immediate sign in general cases are a heart attack or a heart stroke. This is evident that every person is at a risk of CD (cardiovascular disease) and must take the required precautions as some people have felt its indications.

There are certain forms of cardiovascular diseases found in human body:

Heart disease or CHD: It is a disease in blood vessels that usually provide blood to heart. Its indications may include…

  • Myocardial Infection or MI or also called heart attack in general
  • Angina and in general, chest pain
  • Arrhythmias or abnormal heart measure beats

Cerebrovascular diseases: This disease is in blood vessels that generally supply blood to the brain. Allegations may comprise of:

  • Condition of brain after any accident i.e. disorders in brain cells due to inadequate supply of blood
  • Ephemeral ischemic attack, it is momentary impairment of human’s vision / touch / speech or even movement

Minor Arterial Disease, which is also a disease of blood vessels that provide to the arms, legs part of human body. Due to this, the irregular pain in these body parts can happen, especially surfaces whilst exercising in the leg muscles also.

The very common indications of heart attack is the pain or some unusualness in the center of chest, left shoulder, arms, elbows, jaw or at back. Apart from this, the trouble in breathing and other respiratory failures, vomiting, malaise, apathy or even fainting, cold sweat and paleness in the body are also some signs of heart attack.

Other symptom of heart stroke is the immediate experience of weakness in the face or limbs and especially occurs on a single side of the person’s body. Other than the rapid beginning of these things like shrivel of face as well as limbs, usually on one side of human body, developing confusion, finding difficult to speak or understand something, difficult in concentrating from one or two eyes, trouble in moving, lack of balance, coordinating, dizziness, headaches, becoming unconscious and also fainting etc.

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