Causes of Allergy

Causes of Allergy

Causes of Allergy

The 5 most common causes of allergy are pollen, dust, mould, animal dandruff and cosmetics.

Allergy is an abnormal response of our complex immune system to a specific allergen. Some People have hypersensitive immune system which response actively to things present in environment which are harmless.

The sign and symptoms which occur during allergic reaction are depends on how person is exposed to allergen i.e. byinhaling, swallowing or by direct contact with skin.

• During inhalation
sneezing, itchy-running nose, watery eyes, cough with shortness of breath, rashes, feeling tired ill, hoarseness in throat, fever with headache etc.

• Duringswallowing
Stomach cramps, diarrhea and nausea -vomiting.

• In direct contact with skin
Rashes, itching in particular area or all over the body, redness or red patches, fever, tingling in the hands, feet, lips, or scalp, swelling and pain.

Skin testing for allergies
To avoid an allergic reaction it’s very important to know what you are allergic to. Skin testing is easy way to figure out that what causes you allergic reaction. Doctors use three ways to get allergens to react with your skin.
1) Scratch test
2) Intradermal test
3) Patch test

Ayurvedic remedy to overcome this allergic reaction
According to Ayurveda allergy occurs due to accumulation of toxins which reduces the immunity of the body.Ayurveda view allergies as anexcess of kapha dosha which results in congestion, mucus, phlegm, sneezing, itching, vomiting, slow digestive fire and many other symptoms. And slow digestive power or Agni is one of the major causes for accumulations of toxins in the body. So to turn off this allergic condition you must need to improve your digestive power and some changes in your lifestyle.

Allergy treatment
To reduces the excess Kapha in body gudduchi tabletsare advised for 2-3 months along with basil and cloves.

For skin allergy:
• Neem Capsule, Oil or ointment
• Kaishore gugglu
• Gandhak rasayan
• Khadiraristam,
• Haridrakhandam
• chitrakharithki and
• Agasthya rasayan.

For Respiratory System allergy:
• Agasthya rasayan,
• chitrakharihtki
• Spetilin Tablet,syrup
• Mahalaxmivillas ras
• Kanchanar guggulu,
• Nimbarajanyadi tablet,
• Nasya from Anu Oil.

To boost up immunity
• Agasthya rasayan,
• Nimbarajanyadi tablet,
• Spetilin Tablet, syrup
• Chitrakharithki
• Kaishore guggulu,
• Anu Oil-Cutis Oil (Vasu Pharmaceuticals),
• Haridra khand or haridra capsules

To improve digestive power
• Chitrakadi vati
• Rason vati
• Agnitundi vati
• Drakshasav
• Hingvastakh churn
• Panchsakar churn

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