Certain Things that Mean Loss of Vision

Certain Things that Mean Loss of Vision

In this article we have discussed the harmful effect of ignoring black spot floating in front of your eye and in worse cases it may even result in loss of vision.

Most of the people usually will panic if one fine day we lose our eyesight, which is one of the most common conditions among-st twenty five million people all across the world which also includes the famous Oscar winner Dame Judi Dench, according to the stats of the United Nation.

A condition, which starts as a dark spot causing blurry vision, and lines that appear curved fuzzy in one eye can be a potential symptom of MD known as macular degeneration. It is basically a degenerative state of the above mentioned macular or centrally located retina. It occurs due to the tightening of the arteries that functions to nourish the retina. The following process causes the sensitive retinal tissue lack of oxygen and other essential nutrients which is required by the retinal tissue to function properly. Over the period of time, this condition has the potential or worsening reading, watching, driving or any other activity which requires our retina to work properly.

The Types –

Mostly, macular degeneration is common with elderly people and or people who are moving towards old age. There are two types of macular degeneration, which are related to aging are Dry AMD and Wet AMD.

Dry AMD: This causes blank visions in centre part as a person tries to focus because the retina tends to become thinner medically known as atrophic. The loss of vision is not very severe. Currently as there is no particular treatment available for Dry AMD, there are various vision aids especially designed for people with low vision, which helps the patients to perform the daily routine more efficiently.

Wet AMD: Macula witnesses the abnormal growth of blood vessels. Blood and other essential fluids present in the eye may tend to leak which in turn causes swelling and formation of a scarred tissue. This may lead to extremely blurry vision and in severe cases more than fifty percent loss of vision. The above mentioned process obstructs the photoreceptors present in the eye, which are the cells responsible for collecting the visual images from the lens, as these cells get obstructed they can longer transmit the image to the brain for response. Also if you have a condition of Wet AMD in one of your eyes it is likely that the other eye might get infected soon enough.

Although there are chances that Dry AMD can occur at any moment of time but most of the times it usually happens after Dry AMD. In such condition it is advisable to visit doctor for regular checkups. Even if your vision is perfectly fine it is still important to visit clinics or camps annually for eye check so that if you have a condition of AMD it can get detected and cured at an early stage. Even in the worst case scenario you will not lose complete vision as this condition does not affect the entire retina.

Treatment –

Antioxidants along with multivitamin capsules will help in slowing down the speed of the infection, if it’s a case of Dry AMD. In case of Wet AMD the blood vessels which are functionally abnormally and leaking can be treated or burned with laser so as to put a bar on the leakage which causes vision loss.

The growing evidence has proved that you can successfully minimize the risk of developing MD and its pace and effect.

Stay Slim

According to various researches it has been proved that obesity is very fatal for conditions like MD because obesity does not only provide the risk of having this dreaded condition but it also speeds up its progression. Getting rid of the extra weight is beneficial for aiding lower blood pressure, which one of the risk factors of MD.

Eat green vegetables and Fish oil

There are high levels of lutein and zeaxanthin and dietary present in strong concentration in the eye (macula region). These above mentioned substances offer adequate protection against MD. Two or four servings of green leafy vegetables like spinach is highly recommended by the Macular Disease Society for people with a similar condition as spinach has an adequate amount of lutein and zeaxanthin that offer protection to the macula region of the eye. Sum it up with two weekly potions of oily fish which is rich in Omega 3 for example mackerel (bangda).


Smoking is one of the most common factors that can cause MD. Smokers tend to develop the condition of MD more readily than non smokers.

Give this home test –

· If you want to examine it yourself at the comfort of your home you can use Amsler grid. Hold the Amsler grid at a very comfortable distance where you can read.

· Cover any one of the eye (use glasses or any other similar thing if necessary). Try to concentrate at the centre of the grid.

· Check for lines and if they appear normal or blurry or wavy or distorted. In normal condition all the lines will appear straight and they will intersect at right angles making squares of equally same sizes all across the grid.

· Check if you see the gird completely or if there are any missing spots or distorted vision in between or at centre.

· If you see all the corners of grid in the way they are then repeat the entire procedure of test on the other eye.



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