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What is Chemotherapy | Know About the Chemotherapy Process

What is Chemotherapy | Know About the Chemotherapy Process


Many of us have heard about chemotherapy for cancer is the most widely used treatment methods. But, many of us wish to know what is chemotherapy and what is involved in the chemotherapy process. Many of us have thought that this is a painful treatment. But, is it actually painful and how does this procedure do? Let us gather some details in this regard:  Chemotherapy, which is shortly referred to as chemo is a kind of cancer treatment that uses drugs for destroying cancer cells. This treatment for cancer taken in any Cancer hospital in India works by slowing down or completely stopping the development of cancer cells in patients with any type of cancer. But, the problem associated with this treatment is that it can harm healthy cells in the human body as well. Like for instance, it can affect the cells that line the intestines or mouth of the patient and also the cells that contribute towards hair growth. This is why we see patients undergoing chemotherapy for cancer to experience excessive hair loss.

Are there any Side-Effects of Chemotherapy?

When talking about chemotherapy side effects, the hair loss is stated to be the most visible side-effects as the patients can experience other side-effects as well. But, the relieving news for patients taking chemotherapy for cancer is that the side-effects will get better or even completely vanish once the chemotherapy sessions are over. This means that patients with hair loss problem will experience hair growth again after the session of chemotherapy procedure. What does the chemotherapy process involve is the question most of us have? Under this procedure, the chemotherapy drugs that can effectively fight against the cancer cells are given to the patient. The medicine is given by doctors in some ways like through injections, through intra-arterial, intraperitoneal, intravenous, topically or even through oral drugs. The doctor will decide the method on the basis of the type of cancer and the exact location of the cancer cells.

Will it be Painful?

When the doctor decides that chemotherapy drugs should be inserted through IV, a thin needle will be used for this purpose. The doctor will place the needle in the vein on the lower arm or the hand of the patient. The needle will be inserted at the beginning of each session of chemo and will be removed once the treatment is over. But, if the chemotherapy procedure should be given on a daily basis for some days, the IV will be left as it is in the arm. It is recommended that the patient should inform the doctor right away when he/she experiences pain or burning sensation when getting chemo through IV. Often most patients feel tired and fatigue after a chemo session. So, patients are recommended to take complete rest after the procedure. It will not be painful as most of us think and of course, it will be like the pain you experience during the IV insertion alone. After that, there will not be any pain.

For Breast Cancer:

As mentioned earlier, chemotherapy for cancer is the most widely used treatment method. This includes chemotherapy for breast cancer as well. There are different chemotherapy drugs available in the market, and when it comes to breast cancer, a combination of different drugs are used for treating early-stage and advanced stage as well. In the case of patients with early stage breast cancer, this procedure is used for getting rid of cancer cells that are still left behind after surgery to bring down the risk of the disease from coming back. In the case of advanced stage patients, this therapy is used for destroying or damaging cancer cells as much as possible. For most patients, chemo is given before surgery to shrink the growth of cancer cells. It is not essential that this procedure should be taken through needle only as it is available in pill form as well. So, patients can talk to their doctor when the doctor recommends chemotherapy procedure.

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