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Chickenpox Treatment | Symptoms of Chickenpox

Chickenpox Treatment | Symptoms of Chickenpox



Before looking for chicken pox treatment, it is better to understand that it is a highly contagious viral infection. Also, parents are recommended to remember that this is a condition that can be prevented with vaccination and also the relieving news is that it is self-treatable with the help of chickenpox treatment at home for adults. It can spread easily and is generally self-diagnosable. In addition, lab tests or imaging rarely needed. Furthermore, it is a short-term condition that can be resolved within a few days to few weeks. When it comes to chicken pox treatment for kids, there is actually no specific cure for this virus as it generally clears up by itself without any specific treatment. However, there are some home remedies that will help with easing the itch and discomfort. Also, parents are recommended to take some steps to stop chicken pox from spreading once one of their kids gets this fever.

Symptoms of Chickenpox:

Before getting into home remedies for chickenpox treatment, it is better to understand the symptoms of chickenpox, such that the presence of the virus can be easily identified by parents themselves in the case of kids. As mentioned earlier, it is self-diagnosable, and the most common characteristic symptom for the presence of chicken pox infection is the itchy and blister-like rash on the skin. The other symptoms experienced by patients are the loss of appetite, fever, fatigue and/or malaise. In skin, the patient will have red spots, ulcers, scab or blisters. Apart from these things, the common symptoms experienced by patients include swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, and headache. However, high-risk groups might be in need of antiviral medications. To prevent this infection, it is possible to get chickenpox vaccine, which is a shot that is given to protect not just kids, but also anyone who gets the vaccine from catching this infection.

Home Remedies for Adults:

This vaccine called varicella vaccine, and it is given because the infection is caused by the virus called varicella-zoster. It is actually made from a live but weakened virus. Now, let us get into details about chicken pox treatment options available as at home remedies.

  • Take half a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water and sponge the person with this solution. When this soda dries on the skin, it will control irritation and itchiness.

  • To clear up scars, pure honey that is smeared on a scab can be applied to the scars.

  • For a healing effect, vitamin E oil can be applied, and this will help with fading of scars as well.

  • Neem leaves are known for their excellent antiviral properties, and this natural remedy is known to therapeutically treat chickenpox. This can be used as chicken pox treatment for kids and also for chicken pox treatment at home for adults. It will also alleviate itching sensation, and neem can be soaked in the water that will be used for bathing.

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