Cinnamon Should be In Your Daily Intake Why, You Need to Know
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Cinnamon Should be In Your Daily Intake Why, You Need to Know

Cinnamon Should be In Your Daily Intake Why, You Need to Know


Cinnamon benefits to humans are plenty in number, and this is the important reason why our ancestors have made it a part of our diet either in one form or another. Not just because of its health benefits, but also because of the aroma and flavour it can bring to any dish, it is a favourite part of many cuisines. Researchers have found that out of the 26 most popular herbs from around the world, cinnamon actually has got the first position in terms of the protective level of antioxidants in this herb, which can also be called as a spice. You might be aware of the fact that health benefits of cinnamon are innumerable, but do you know the reason for the unique colour, flavour, and smell associated with this spice? The reason for these things is the oily part of the tree from which it is taken. The uses of cinnamon are because of the bark of the cinnamon tree.

Factors Responsible for Health Benefits:

When talking about cinnamon benefits, you might be interested in understanding the reason behind the benefits. It is stated that the bark of the cinnamon tree has compounds like cinnamate, cinnamic acid, and cinnamaldehyde. All these substances bring an excellent answer to the question what is cinnamon good for. Yes, these substances bring responsive health benefits to humans. Some of the excellent reasons why you should include cinnamon in your daily diet include better heart health, right regulation of blood sugar levels, protection against diabetes, better brain function, and protection against Parkinson’s disease. These are just a few health benefits as there are significant numbers of other benefits one can get by including this spice in the daily diet in one form or another. A study states that the substance called cinnamaldehyde that is present in cinnamon can play an effective role in helping the humans fight against bacterial and fungal infections.

Do you Wish to Earn More?

When cinnamon alone can bring a wide range of health benefits, when this spice is added with honey, it can bring excellent benefits. For instance-

  • Cinnamon and honey for weight loss are followed as the fruitful home remedy by many people from around the world, and they are really satisfied with the results.
  • The combination of honey and cinnamon can fight against heart diseases, colds, upset stomach, gas, immune system weakness, influenza, skin infections, fatigue and bad breath.
  • Uses of cinnamon along with honey for weight loss are proven, and those looking to lose weight can take honey and cinnamon powder boiled in water daily in the morning in empty stomach and also at night before going to bed.
  • The fat burning ability of cinnamon and honey will bring better results. This mixture will work by preventing fat accumulation even after a high-calorie diet. If you are concerned about cinnamon side-effects, it is good to learn the side-effects as well, so that you can restrict yourself from excessive use of this spice.

Are There Any Ill-Effects?

Some of the side-effects include the increase in body heat, conflict with antibiotics, increased heart rate, skin irritation, allergies, thinning of blood, and accumulation of toxic substances in the body and the case of pregnant women it can contribute towards premature labour. So, some people, who are allergic to cinnamon, are recommended to restrict its usage. If you experience these symptoms just within a few days of starting cinnamon usage, it is better to stop using it on a daily basis. So, besides understanding cinnamon benefits, it is important that you should use it with caution, and if it suits your body, you are actually lucky to get the above-mentioned benefits from this wonder spice. With these benefits, women are recommended to make it a point to add cinnamon in the dishes they make, such that their family members can enjoy the health benefits associated with spice and can lead a healthy and happy life.


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