Common Yoga Mistakes To Be Avoided By Beginners
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Common Yoga Mistakes To Be Avoided By Beginners

Common Yoga Mistakes To Be Avoided By Beginners

To celebrate the International Yoga Day on the 21st of June, many gatherings were held across India yesterday and even two Guinness Records were accomplished by the team led by Prime Minister of the nation. The two records were for the most number of people participated (35,985) in a single yoga session and the second record is for participation of many nationalities (84). After the insistence of government in power, many events were conducted across the nation and due to this many people have gained interest towards this most useful technique. But, on this occasion as this technique is presently experiencing many beginners, it is important that they should be aware of the yoga mistakes to avoid, so that they can reap the benefits from this excellent technique:

Holding the breath:

When it comes to practicing yoga, many people think that they should hold their breath. But, holding breath can be fine when it comes to weight training and not for yoga. There are chances that one, who does not breathe properly during these sessions, will not be in a position to get the benefits of this technique. Some poses need the individuals to breathe normally and some require deep breathing as well and so it is better to first understand the right breathing techniques at the first instance.

Practising with the history of injury:

Those with the history of injury or any health conditions are recommended not to try this technique. The reason is that their condition can aggravate, when they practice different poses. This does not mean that these people cannot practice yoga, but they should inform their instructor about their illnesses, so that appropriate poses will be suggested by the guru.

Pushing the body too much:

To get to the right poses, many people push their body too much. But, this is never recommended by yoga gurus. The reason is that overdoing can lead to injury. So, it is better to hold the position and stretch only to the possible level. With practice, the natural flexibility of the body will improve.

Not being consistent:

Some people do this technique or visit a yoga class for one day, but they discontinue, due to their family responsibilities. But, this should be avoided to reap the benefits of this technique and to learn the different poses in the right manner.

Doing asanas without proper guidance:

This is another biggest mistake and just because you got attracted by many people practising this technique, you should never try it on your own. But, you should get the right training from a guru, who is certified to provide this training.

Skipping the warm up:

This is another biggest mistake done by many newcomers. When they directly do asanas without providing proper warm up to their body, there are increased chances of over stretching the body and the resulting injuries. It is important not to avoid a warm up session before beginning with the yoga session to prevent injuries.

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# Aarav 2017-04-14
Hii, plz tell me,Which tests can confirm syphilis in primary stage, also suggest name of good maternity hospitals in Kasaragod ?
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# Dr. Naresh 2017-04-15
During the primary stage,DG illumination tests are very helpful, find good maternity hospitals-Manipal Uma Hospital ; Uppala Health Complex.
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# Himmat 2017-04-10
Hello I am from Nilgiris, My neighbour has been feeling redness and burning in urethral organs, can it be a disease, should she visit gynec?
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# Dr. Naresh 2017-04-11
It can be a simple infection also and a disease also, If after the examination, the presence of gram negative bacteria is seen ,gonorrhoea infection can be thought of, she should visit good women's specialist- find list of Gynecologist in Nilgiris
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