Crocin Cold n Flu, D-Cold Total, Syrup T-98 Banned by the Indian government

medicine banned in india

The most commonly used medicines are now banned in our nation including crocin cold n flu, Sumo, D-Cold Total, Gastrogyl, Nimulid, Dolo Cold, Paediatrics Syrup T 98, Oflox, Chericof, Kofnil, O2, Tedkoff etc and also the manufacturing as well as selling of these drugs as FDCs (Fixed Dose Combination Drugs) are prohibited as well.

FDCs or Fixed Dose Combination drugs contain minimum two or even more drugs together in a certain doses ratio and are available at a single dose in the market. Our health ministry had released a notification on 12th march, according to which approximately 350 FDCs have been banned with instant effect. The following commendations have been made by the health ministry expert committee to determine the effectiveness and the worth of the combinations of these drugs.

According to the AIOCD AWACS, a research firm, the major 5 healing categories which are to be affected comprises of anti-infective drugs, analgesics drugs, anti-diabetic drugs, respiratory drugs and also gastro-intestinal drugs etc. Govt. has also banned some of the precarious drugs without giving any fair chances to this industry. According to RC Juneja, CEO (Mankind Pharmacy), “Banning such household medicines will definitely surprise the doctors and the consumers”. Mankind Pharma manufactures the famous paediatric syrup T 98 & Tedykoff.

The estimation of the market discloses that the ban has affected more than 2700 medicinal brands. However, the Abbott Health Care is going to possess the most terrible hit, with a loss of 485 Crores yearly, apart from that, other firms including Sun Pharma, Wockhardt, Intas, Lupin, Glenmark, Aristo etc would also endure the impact.

Whereas the doctors say that they’re puzzled over the ban implementation as they planned on piercing into single drugs formulation in spite of several combinations. Since ban is particularly on the combination drugs. And thus we require to get stick to a single drug and not on multiple at a time, according to Anup Mishra, Chairman (of Fortis CDOC Hospital for Diabetes & Allied Science).

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