Dangers Of Drinking Alcohol For Diabetic Patients
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Dangers Of Drinking Alcohol For Diabetic Patients

Dangers Of Drinking Alcohol For Diabetic Patients

Everyone is aware of the fact that diabetes patients should be careful about their diet and their health issues will increase with consumption of alcoholic drinks. This drink is something that can be dangerous on anyone and it is truer when it comes to diabetic patients. Here are some precautions to be taken by diabetic patients when it comes to consumption of alcoholic drinks:

Precautions to be taken:

The first and foremost precaution to be taken when it comes to consumption of these drinks by diabetes patients is that they should as far as possible keep away from consumption of these drinks. Even, if not possible, they should restrict the consumption as much as possible. The point to remember here is that alcohol can directly get into the blood stream immediately after consumption. Now, let us get into the precautions to be taken by diabetic patients:

• It is better not to consume the drink on empty stomach

• In addition, it is important to avoid snacks when a diabetic patient consumes liquor and even if snacks are taken, they should be healthier before and during consumption of the drink.

• The best snack choice can be eating vegetable salad and even, they can take egg whites as well.

• When it comes to non-vegans, they can rely on roast or grilled fish. Also, it is better to have some vegan foods in between.

• Before consumption of alcoholic beverages, it is better to have non-alcoholic drink. This will help in automatically bringing down the consumption of liquor.

• Also, it is better to avoid soft drinks or pro-diet products with alcoholic beverages. But, it can be consumed with soda or water.

• In addition, it is better not to hurry in drinking liquor and it should be consumed leisurely and small sips should be taken. This will help in protecting the body from bad-effects of blood sugar.

Even though, it is recommended to avoid liquor, if it is unavoidable, the above-mentioned precautions can be taken by diabetic patients. In addition, here are three more vital precautions to take when starting the drink:

Three vital precautions:

• It is better to check whether the sugar levels are normal

• It is better to get blood pressure level checked and it is better to have diabetic neuropathy checked

• Also, it is important to know all the problems that might arise before drinking and needed precautions should be taken.

What will happen when it is consumed?

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, the digestion will not happen in stomach, but it will happen in liver. This is where the problem arises. The reason is that liver as against regulating the blood sugar levels will work towards eliminating the alcohol from the blood. Furthermore, when this drink is taken along with diabetic medicines, it will act on pancreas and will induce production of more insulin. Even, it can lead to low blood sugar as well. Too much consumption will make the diabetic patients feel drowsy as it will lead to lessened insulin effect.

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