What are Symptoms and Causes of The Depression?

What are Symptoms and Causes of The Depression?

Causes of Depression

Although most of the peoples are aware of the Causes of Depression. But some of the people are still not sure about it. We people should have knowledge about the Causes of Depression to prevent the depression.

In ancient times the disease of depression was not common. At that time the people were not educated. And their profession was hereditary; there was not any sort of competition. People did not have any ego. Even girls were also restricted to the boundaries of their home. They did not value themselves. Their tolerance power is at par.

But in the present scenario man chooses his own profession. He makes his career himself and in which he faces lots of tensions to achieve the success is a big task.

He does not have enough tolerance power to face the hurdles of life. He devotes himself to making the career. And if he has got the success then he has to work by heart to maintain his position. And in such a race he faces so many tensions and frustrations.

If a man does not get success then that is also a situation of tension and annoyance. When this tension and annoyance has crossed the limit, this becomes the causes of depression.

Depression is that state of the person in which he remains gloomy and loses his spirit of living. He loses his interest in everything. He becomes hopeless.

Causes of Depression:


Depression is a heretical disease which is transmitted from the family member experiencing the depression.


If a person does not achieve according to the expectations. Then they indulge in the disease of depression.


Today man has a great sense of ego. He does not have the power to hear of other persons and thus it becomes causes of depression for him.

This is the most common tendency of ladies as in ancient time the women does not value themselves. But today they are educated and they have their own identity. And in such a case if they face any sort of criticism or insult then they are much prone to the disease of depression. 

Other Factors:

The other factors which lead to causes depression are stress, sorrow, substance abuse, changes in hormone levels and medical illness etc.

Symptoms of Depression:

The disease of depression cannot be predicted as people do not have the knowledge of depression. And thus depression reaches its final stage. So to control it we should have a glance on its symptoms. Following are the symptoms of depression:

The depression can be predicted in the thoughts, feelings, behaviour and physical responses of the person.


  • Gloom
  • Fruitlessness
  • Culpability
  • Sulky
  • Livid eruptions
  • Lack of interest in social life


  • Thinking of suicide
  • Lack of concentration and fully busy in thinking of the third world
  • Problem in remembering the fact
  • Hallucinations


  • Accepting the defeated
  • Substance abuse

Physical Symptoms:

Treatment of Depression

Depression is a disease which is curable and has medicines but it can only be rooted out only by the willpower of man. Its tenure can be extended for 10 years. But if the man develops his will power then he will be ok in 10 days. For developing the will power the role of the psychiatrist is dominant. For the patient with depression, it is beneficial to do yoga exercise daily.

Thus, depression is a disease and causes of depression is developed by the man himself. And its best cure is the availability of better social environment.

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