Benefits of Dry Grapes

Benefits of Dry Grapes

Benefits of Dry Grapes

Benefits of dry grapes, which is also called as raisins are referred to as Vitis vinifera botanically. Ayurveda states that this fruit has excellent cooling properties. It is known to bring excellent results for patients facing burning sensation when urinating. All that is to be done is to soak some 8-10 raisins in a cup of water overnight, the next morning in empty stomach, both water and the raisins should be consumed you can see the benefits of dry grapes which will help with conditions like urinary infection and cystitis.

Quenching thirst:

Ayurveda states that these fruits are trishnaghna in nature, which means that they can quench the excessive thirst experienced by patients during a high fever. This excessive thirst will also happen due to tri-dosha imbalance and for these patients, the thirst will not quench even after taking a huge quantity of normal water. But, dry grape water can provide excellent relief from the thirst this is also one benefits of dry grapes. All that is to be done to prepare this water is to take about 20-25 raisins and they should be boiled in a liter of water. Once it is cooled, this water can be consumed in smaller quantities all through the day and the boiled grapes can also be consumed in between.

Health Benefits of Raisins:

  • It is found that these fruits can bring excellent benefits for carrying moms. The reason is that these fruits are rich in iron and fiber content. Carrying moms also experience constipation and not only this problem, but also the fruit will help in fighting anemia as well.

  • Not just in carrying moms, these fruits can be beneficial for other women as well as it can fight menstrual disorders like cramps and excessive bleeding during menstruation.
  • Even, it can address anemia caused due to excessive menstruation in women.

For the above-mentioned conditions, women can just boil 20-25 black raisins in a liter of water. Once the water is boiled and cooled with grapes, the fruits should be smashed and it should be consumed along with the water by adding a spoon of honey, Yes, not only for women, these fruits are known to be beneficial for men as well. This fruit can be regularly consumed by men with constipation issue and also it can provide relief for ED problem in men.

Raisins Nutrition Facts

Men, women and even children, who want to increase their body weight can reap the intended benefit of increasing the weight with the help of these dry fruits. For patients under weight gain therapy under Ayurveda, the doctors recommend this fruit because calories in raisins will help patients to gain weight. One such remedy for weight gain prepared with raisins is Dra K Shadi Rasayana.

Most of us think that these dry fruits are just meant for decorating our dishes, particularly sweets and savories. But, when they are consumed on a regular basis in the appropriate method, they can bring many health benefits of dry grapes like those mentioned above. Your entire family, inclusive of your kids, your husband and yourself can use these fruits on a regular basis to reap the benefits mentioned above.


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0 # moni Older than three months
Hello sir, I am suffering from menstruation problem please suggest the home remedy for the same
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0 # Counselor Older than three months
Hello dear, Thank you for writing us.
To get rid of this problem you have to do work out on daily basis ( at least 45 min).
You can take Sesame Seeds and Jaggery, Cinnamon ( powder in milk), turmeric, Unripe Papaya etc these all will works definatly.
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