Do You Know The ill-effects of Sugar?

Do You Know The ill-effects of Sugar?

When you consume a cup of fizzy cola, a biscuit or some pastries, have you ever wondered why do you feel like consuming them more and more? The reason behind is that most of the processed foods like these are rich in sugar content, which is addictive in nature. But, the unfortunate thing here is that by the time we identify that we are addicted, it might have already done a considerable damage to our health. Now, time has arrived for you to understand the ill-effects of sugar, when its consumption increases even without your knowledge like in the form of biscuits, sweetened bread, etc.

Ill-effects on teeth:

When you eat sugary foods, they will cause the bad bacteria in your mouth to thrive. This can lead to bad breath and even it can take to the level of tooth decay as well. Recent studies show that tooth infections are related to heart problems. So, rather than spending for painful dental treatments, you can cut back on the foods that induce your taste buds, isn’t?

Effects on skin:

When you experience that your skin is getting dull and dry, it is a sign that you are taking more of sugary foods. Remember that these foods can cause dehydration and this will result in dull look in skin and even dull mouth as well, which in turn can lead to bad breath.

It can lead to type 2 diabetes:

Insulin is the hormone responsible for keeping the blood glucose level under check. But, when you consume more of sugary foods, the glucose level will shoot up. This in turn can cause difficulty in your body to produce enough insulin for controlling the glucose level. Once your body becomes resistant to insulin, the chance of catching type 2 diabetes is not too long.

Bad for your eyes:

There are chances that increased sugary foods in your diet can lead to loss of vision. Remember to cut down these foods before they bring ill-effects on your precious vision. Generally, it is found that diabetes patients are more prone to eye problems and this is because of the increase in the glucose level in their body.

Ill-effects on liver:

When there is an overload of sugar content in your liver, it will start to store sugar as fat. This in turn can lead to fatty liver. Again, this can cause lethargy and bloating problem, thereby affecting your healthy participation in day-to-day activities.

Even after you have understood the ill-effects this taste can bring to your body, if you cannot control your desire towards the foods with this taste, you can rely on fruits. The sweetness in fruits will not cause ill-effects to your health, besides satisfying your desire towards this taste. On the other hand, several ill-effects like those mentioned above are associated with processed foods. This is why it is recommended that people should stay away from processed foods. Even they can bring other ill-effects apart from those mentioned above.

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