Drinks That Are Not Good For Health

Drinks That Are Not Good For Health

Drinks That Are Not Good For Health

Nowadays, we come across many drinks in the market and there are many stalls that attract youngsters on shopping malls and even adults are also attracted to some drinks. However, reports state that some of these beverages are not healthy for body and here are the details about some of these drinks:

Juice drinks: Generally juice drinks are denoted as sugar water with different colors. If you are searching for a good health drink, the best thing you can do is to avoid juice cocktail and go for fresh orange juice, aloe vera juice or cranberry juice.

Creamed coffee drinks: A bulky ice-cold cup of creamed coffee can provide your body with nearly 800 calories. In addition, this drink has about 1/3rd of saturated fats that can lead to artery clogging as well. So, regardless of the type of coffee, when it is creamed with milk or other tasty ingredient, it is not good for health. As against this drink, you can go for plain hot or cold coffee as per your wish.

Flavored water: Even though, people are suggested to go for flavored water if they do not like to drink normal water frequently to keep themselves hydrated all through the day during summer, this water is generally loaded with extra sugars. It is true that this beverage can bring you little bit extra vitamins, but too much of this drink is not good for health. So, next time when you are planning to purchase a water bottle, it is better to have a look at the label and if you notice anything other than natural flavors, it is better to avoid it.

Diet soda: The drink is entirely free from calories and it is also free from nutritional elements as well. If you are providing your body with diet coke all through the day, you are not giving any drink that is healthy for your body. Taking one or two diet sodas in a day will not create any problem, but if the number rises to 5-6 cans, there are chances that your body may face heavy health damages.

Ice mixed drinks: When it comes to ice mixed drinks called as cocktails, the mixers in them are the important culprits. The reason is that it can provide nearly 850 calories to your body, which will increase your body weight to a great extent.

Sports drinks: If your goal is to lose weight and this goal has motivated you to engage in workout sessions. Finally, at the end of the workout sessions, when you take sports drink, the fat content that you lost through exercises will be gained again, thereby making your efforts without any output. The reason is that these beverages are filled with artificial and natural sweeteners and a number of additives. As against sports drinks, you can switch to drinks without any calories to replenish yourself after a hard workout session.

Energy drinks: Many youngsters think that energy drinks are the excellent remedy to get instant energy. But, the unfortunate thing is that they forget the fact that these beverages are rich in sugar and caffeine content. So, it is better to avoid them and they can be replaced with natural drinks.

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