Facts about Lyme Disease

Facts about Lyme Disease

Facts about Lyme Disease

In order to know all about lyme disease, you should know before what is lyme disease, its symptom, how it can be diagnosed and its treatment procedures and also its prevention tactics.

Although this disease is not epidemic, it is yet in research so as to know about its nature, prevention as well as treatment techniques.

What is Lyme Disease and How does it occur?

Lyme disease came into being after its discovery in Lyme (Connecticut) in the year 1975. The major cause of this inflammatory disease is borrelia burgdorferi bacteria. Largely, whilst any person gets sting by some infected tick, then the Lyme disease occur. The most common tick responsible for spreading this tick is the deer tick. This disease generally spreads during the starting summer or the ending spring.

Lyme disease’s Symptoms

The bit of an infected tick generally results in circular rashes on skin, known as erythema migraines, also referred to as bull’s eye rashes. That rash can also grow big as the time passes in diameter. Apart from rashes the person may also get a mild flu or fever, headache, chills, ache in joints, muscle ache etc. Skin complaints do not chase the flu symptoms consistently, for a moment the earlier is also nearby.

If this disease remain untreated even for a month it becomes very worse. You can also suffer from numbness in body parts, headache, pain in body, and also fainting or shivering et cetera. You may also experience hassle in concentrating something and there occurs a problem with your memory for recalling. These warnings of Lyme disease gets deteriorate as the time passes and if not treated at the right time, the medicines will not proved to be effective.

Lyme disease’s Diagnosis

As soon as the indications of this disease appear up, you should consult your family physician for proper diagnosis and treatment. The occurrence of circular rashes or bitten by a tick are very important symptoms which can help your doctor to determine that you have Lyme disease. You may also confirm through laboratory tests like ELISA blood test etc to diagnose this disease/

Lyme disease’s Treatment

If this disease is diagnosed at the right time, then it can be easily cured using oral anti-biotic. These oral antibiotics may include cefuroxime, doxycycline, amoxicillin, phenoxymethyl etc. Apart from these, erythromycin and azithromycin can also be used together against this disease.

Lyme disease’s Complications

If it is not determined at the right time and the proper medical treatment is not given, then this disease can reach to its worst stage and become more serious with prolonged complications. These can include, severe fatigue, meningitis, facial nerve paralysis, meningitis, bell’s palsy, enlargement of heart, inflammations, or it can even lead to chronic arthritis, which is the indication that your brain, heart or nerves are also getting affected by this disease.

Lyme disease’s prevention

As we know prevention of the disease is better than the cure of the alike, it is favorably once more to not to consent to that infection transpire than to cure it afterwards. It can be prevented by covering your body fully with clean clothes especially when passing through those area where these ticks may bite like grassy areas, wooden areas etc.

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