Food Which Should Be Avoided After Sunset

Food Which Should Be Avoided After Sunset

Food Which Should Be Avoided After Sunset

You might have come across a saying that reads that ‘Eat lunch like a king and dinner like a pauper’. Yes, this saying very well denotes that you should eat less during dinner. Our ancestors used to finish their dinner not more than 7pm, but in the present lifestyle, we cannot finish our dinner this much early as most of us reach home only after 10pm. So, what can be done? The best thing we can do is to keep ourselves informed about the foods that are to be avoided after sunset, such that our eating habits will turn out to be healthy food habits.

Reasons to finish dinner around sunset:

Even though, your time does not permit you to finish dinner around sunset, if possible, you can follow this habit at least on some days and here are the reasons why finishing your dinner early can be the ideal choice for your health:

  • It will help in prevention of obesity.
  • It will reduce the chances of gastrointestinal problems.
  • It will promote good sleep.
  • It will permit your body to re-energize the systems.
  • You will feel refreshed the following day.

What does Ayurveda states about night foods?

Ayurveda states that night food is one thing that you should be highly careful about, if you are really serious about healthy eating habits. Ayurveda recommends that you should have light foods for night and modern science also recommends this type of balanced diet.

When a day is divided into three equal parts, the final part of the day is generally dominated by kapha. So, during this time, the foods that we consume should balance this kaphadosha and should not in any way increase this dosha.

Foods to avoid after sunset:

You might be asking what is healthy food for night consumption? More than understanding the healthy food to consume at night, you should keep yourself aware of the foods to be avoided at night to ensure healthy food habits.

You might be aware of the fact that you should avoid junk and oily foods at night. In addition, you should avoid non-vegan foods, those that are heavy to digest, chocolates, sweets, curd, large quantity of food, cold or frozen eatables.

What will happen if these foods are taken after sunset?

It is generally recommended that humans should follow healthy food habits and when this is your intention, you should avoid the above-mentioned foods, but what will happen if they are consumed? Let us find the answer here:

When these foods are taken, there will be an increase in the kapha, thereby leading to complications like indigestion, worsening of vomiting, excessive salivation at morning time, weight gain, allergies, worsening of cold and cough, running nose at morning, etc.

When the same is continued for long, it will lead to building up of toxic substances in the blood to increase complications to the further level. So, people with the above-mentioned issues are recommended to totally avoid those foods mentioned above after sunset. Furthermore, the thing they will have to remember is that making some simple diet adjustments will go a long way in helping them in finding improvement to their respiratory conditions.

Ideal diet plan for night:

So, when it comes to health food, it is better to avoid eating after sunset or if you cannot do that you can follow the diet plan given below for nights to ensure your healthy eating habits:

You should take foods that are easy to digest. For instance, as against taking curd, you can take butter milk. As compared to rice, you can take chapatis, which can be easily digested. Remember to reduce food consumption at nights. Small quantity of ginger, turmeric, dal and curry leaves are ideal for dinner as they will help in quick digestion. The simple rule to remember is that the foods that you consume after sunset should make you feel light on stomach. There should not be any heaviness and remember that humans need only less energy at night. So, when you take heavy foods at night, they will be stored in the body, thereby causing weight gain as they are not utilized for energy. Light diet during night can be the ideal choice and this can also be stated as the healthy diet.

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