Foods Linked With Depression

Foods Linked With Depression

Foods Linked With Depression

It is important for people suffering from depression to remember that eating a small portion of any food is not likely to increase the risk of depression. But, it is recommended that they should avoid overindulgence of certain foods. It is no secret that people show interest towards eating a little more during holidays and with the hustle and bustle of the festive season many of us have trouble in finding time to make healthy choices. But, it is important for us to remember that choices of eatables we make can bring more impact apart from increasing the waistline.

A recent study states that it is possible that certain stuff can increase the chances of depression. During holidays, even though, many of enjoy ourselves, there are increased chances of depression during this season as well. Here are the eatables that can increase the chances of depression when taken in huge quantity:

Refined grains:

During those busy nights, when you will have to spend more time on shopping and wrapping up things, pasta can turn out to be a quick meal. But, pasta, bagels and white rice are identified as the eatables that have inflammatory properties and they are also known to cause depression in women between the age group of 50 and 77 years. This was found after a study conducted among 40,000 women, who never had depression at the start of the research. By the end of the study it was found that those who had these inflammatory eatables regularly had increased chances of suffering from depression by the end of the study.

Soft drinks:

Generally, most of the people rely on soft drinks during holidays and festive season to replenish the lost fluids. But, it is found that soft drinks as a part of diet can contribute a great share towards creating depression. So, if you include soda in your diet regularly, it is important to rethink about it.

Fast foods:

People including these eatables in their diet are more likely to face depression. Reports state that these people are 51% more likely to face depression as against those, who do not take these eatables. Eatables falling under this category include pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers and baked consumables.


It is important to keep in mind that eating a small portion of the above-mentioned eatables will not create any impact. But, when they are regularly taken, these eatables can surely bring about an impact on the mental health of individuals. Having these occasionally will not create any issue however. Apart from depression, these eatables can also cause weight gain in some people, while in some they might cause difficulty in weight loss. It is better not to overindulge in these eatables for physical wellness as well. The reason is that too much of fast food consumption can increase the cholesterol level in the body, thereby leading to many other health issues. For instance, when cholesterol level increases in the body, all the internal parts will have to work hard and this in turn can cause increased wear and tear.

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