Frequently Asked Questions on Homeopathy

Frequently Asked Questions on Homeopathy

Frequently Asked Questions on Homeopathy

Q-1      Is it true that Homoeopathic medicines can be taken by inhaling through nose also?

Ans     Yes, Homoeopathic medicines can be taken not only through mouth but also through nose in the form of vapours. Many patients who keep fast of many months and are not allowed to take food, they inhale or breathe in the medicine through their nose.

Q-2     What is the correct method of taking Homoeo-Medicines?

Ans     Homoeo-medicines should be taken after cleansing of mouth thoroughly and when we are empty stomach.

Q-3     Can Homoeopathy work for cancer patients also? If yes, how much reliable is this treatment?

Ans     Cancer is a disease which if diagnosed at an early stage can save life, but if its metastasis has reached third degree, it is difficult to save life. It is a malignant tumor with an uncontrollable production of epitheliold Cells.

In Homoeopathy there are different medicines for different cancer affected organs. For e.g. Conium is used in breast cancer, Arsenic Alb is useful for stomach, Carcinocin is a preventive medicine for cancer.

In allopathic treatment cancer patients are given the radiation treatment which kills cancerous cells but it can damage other cells also. Hence it has side effects on health.

Q-4     We have often heard of preventive medicines being used for diseases like polio and small pox. Are there any preventive medicines used in homoeopathy? Which diseases they control?

Ans -   It is really a boon to the systems of medication that Homoeopathy has preventive medicines for many of the diseases.

For e.g. Gelsemium is a well known remedy used against flu. Belladona works wonders in sunstroke, Variolinum is a famous preventive medicine for Small Pox, Malaria off is the preventive medicine for reoccurring malaria fever, Typhoidinum works wonders against typhoid fever, Influenzinum is the preventive medicine being used for swine flu. Tuberculinum is used for Tuberculosis

Q-5      What is biochemic treatment in homoeopathy? How it is different from the regular treatment of Homoeopathy?

Ans.    It is believed that our body is made up of 12 different types of salts. The deficiency of any of these salts can cause disease of acute or chronic nature in our body. Biochemic treatment of homoeopathy provides a supplementary treatment of the disease by supplying these salts to the body.

Q-6     It is said that through homoeopathy the habit of tobacco-Chewing and drinking liquor can be controlled. How true is this?

Ans.    The Habit of chewing tobacco can be controlled by Homoeo Medicines. As far as drinking liquor is concerned, there are various medicines which, depending on the time duration and the nature of drinks taken, can reduce the craviness of the patients. Medicines for rum, whiskey bear are different, that is why they should be taken after the advice of a good Homoeopathic doctor.

Q-7      Homoeopathy increases our immunity. Is it true?

Ans     Yes Absolutely, This is because the Homoeopathy medicines don’t suppress a disease through Drug Power, they make our body immune system treat the disease.



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