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Frequently Asked Questions on Homeopathy - 3

Frequently Asked Questions on Homeopathy - 3

Diseases related to Kids

Ques. 1 How is the treatment of children different from adults?

Ans. From birth to the age of 12 year, the stage of a child is different than after the age of 12 years. The children below 2 years of age are unable to speak clearly that is why they cannot tell their problem to the doctor. This makes their treatment difficult.

So’ extra care has to be taken in treating children.

Ques. 2 What is the “Marasmus” Disease of children?

Ans. Sometimes inspite of eating the best food, children loose weight. They don’t gain weight and their health decreases. This may be due to marasmus or kwashiorkor disease of children.

The Common symptoms of this disease are.

i) The child keeps on eating food and still does not gain weight.

ii) The hair Keeps falling.

iii) Head appears larger than normal.

iv) The tongue and abdomen seem to be protruding.

Ques. 3 Which Homoeopathic medicines work is marasmus disease of children?

Ans. (i) Iodum – When the child keeps on eating always but still asks for food and still looses weight.

(ii) Silicea – When the head seems very large and the entire body seems shrinking. Child cannot tolerate cold, only the head sweats during sleep.

(iii) Tuberculinum – When inspite of eating the best food, the child keeps on loosing weight.

(iv) Argentum Nitricum – When the entire body loses weight, there are wrinkles on the face and the child loves eating sweets.

Other Homoeopathic Remedies are also there but should be taken symptomatically.

Ques. 4 What is the Rickets disease in children?

Ans. Due to deficiency of calcium, the bones specially and tilted, this is called the Rickets disease of children.

Ques. 5 Which medicines can be used for rickets disease of children?

Ans. (i) Calcarea carb : When the abdomen is swollen, child gets green- yellow diarrhoea child looks plump and fat and sweats only on forehead, not on neck and face.

(ii) Silicea – When the head is very large in comparison to the entire body. Stomach is protruding, child does not digest milk easily.

Ques. 6 What is Enuresis or bet-wetting disease of children?

Ans. The children normally have bed wetting habits during sleep. Medicines like Belladona, Sepia can be given symptomatically in this case.

Ques. 7 List some of the medicines used in diarrhoea in children.

Ans. Children are very prone to diarrhoea. Some of the medicines are :-

(i) Podophyllum – The child gets watery greenish leafy diarrhoea generally early in the morning, with no pain

(ii) Bryonia – It works in summer diarrhoea in children, greenish sticky and stinking diarrhoea.

(iii) Arsenic Alb and Pulsatilla – It is given when due to food poisoning or unhealthy eating, the diarrhoea occurs.

Ques. 8 Which are the medicines that can help during dentition problems in children.

Ans. Chamomilla, Aethusa cynapium are the medicines which are generally used. Chamomilla is given to angry short tempered children.

Ques. 9 Sometimes the child does not digest milk and vomits it out in curd form. Which medicine can be helpful?

Ans. For this symptom medicine named Aethusa cynapium works wonders.

Ques.10 Name one remedy for worm infection in children.

Ans. Cina


Heart & Cholesterol Diseases

Ques. 1 Which are the common heart related diseases in man?

Ans. The Heart Palpitation, Angina Pectoris, Hypertension, B.P., Dilation of heart, pain in heart muscles are some of the major heart diseases.

Ques. 2 Which factors indicate heart disease?

Ans. Normally the heart beats 72 times per minute. If heart exceeds this, it is harmful. Excess physical labour, sexual relations, anger, fright, shock, acidity, weakness consumption of alcohol may disturb the normal heart beat. Thus problems of hypertension and Angina can be caused.

Ques. 3 What is Angina Pectoris?

Ans. Due to excess physical or mental hard work or consumption of alcohol, the pain in the chest and heart region can be felt. Perspiration occurs and heart beat increases. Symptoms of vertigo and fainting can be seen. Heart beat and blood pressure increases. This is called Angina Pectoris.

Ques. 4 Which Homoeopathic Medicine acts as a good cordial tonic?

Ans. Crataegus is good and recommended for cardiac patients.

Ques. 5 What is meant by dilation of the heart?

Ans. In this disease, the walls of the heart either become thinner or thicker.

It is not an independent disease. Its symptoms are manifested due to other diseases. In this disease, problems of respiration may be seen. The symptoms of vertigo, fainting can be seen. Body becomes pale, pulse may be decreased and weakness persists.

Ques. 6 Which are the common Homoeopathic medicines for heart?

Ans. Cactus G, Digitalis and gelsemium are commonly used symptomatically for heart troubles.

Ques. 7 Which medicines can be given for weakness of heart?

Ans. Gelsemium and china can be used symptomatically crataegus and Paciflora can be used as good cardiac tonics.


Problems of Prostate Gland in Men

Ques. 1 What is Prostate gland? What are the problems related to it?

Ans. In men, a gland is present near urinal path, which is called prostate gland. In old age, the prostate gland enlarges.

It is very painful. More often than not, it can be cured only through surgery, but certain homoeopathic medicines given at time can cure it.

Ques. 2 What are the common symptoms of the prostate disease in men?

Ans. Frequent Urination is a very important symptom. Commonly, the infection in the kidney or urinary tract can also be a cause. In this condition, the urine is stopped. It is difficult to void the urine out of the body. In this case catheter should be used.

Ques. 3 What can be done as precautions when urine is not voided?

Ans. The patient should be made to sit in lukewarm water. Constipation should be avoided. Hot and dry fermentation may be helpful.

Ques. 4 Which medicines are commonly used in prostate?

Ans. When prostate problem occurs in old age, Baryta carb is indicated, other medicines like sabal serulata can also be given symptomatically.

Ques. 5 Which medicine is indicated when prostate occurs due to a fall?

Ans. Arnica works best in this case.

Ques. 6 Which are the other causes of urine retention?

Ans. Sometimes the bladder is filled with urine and it is not voided. This can be due to excess heat of summer, due to cholera or kidney stone, stricture or enlargement of prostate. In this case, the heating pad should be used on stomach.

Ques. 7 Which medicines are used when urine retention occurs in summer?

Ans. Terebinthina and Cantharis are good medicines in this case. The urine voiding becomes easier with these medicines.

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