Frequently Asked Questions on Homoeopathy

Frequently Asked Questions on Homoeopathy

Ques.1: What is Homoeopathy? When did it come into existence and who discovered it?
Ans:- Homoeopathy is a system of therapeutics that originated in Germany. It was discovered by a well known allopathic surgeon Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. While treating patients, he found out that through his system of medicine, the diseases were never rooted out and patients never recovered fully. So he decided to find a different method of cure that removes the disease fully and hence homoeopathy came into existence.

Ques. 2: Does Homoeopathy cure slowly?

Ans:- Not at all. The cure of Homoeopathy only depends on what is the duration of disease. For short-term diseases, like fever, cough and cold, one to two days treatment is more than sufficient. But for long-term diseases like diabetes mellitus, Psoriasis, migraine and rheumatism, the time of treatment depends on duration of disease.

Ques. 3: Can a patient take Homoeopathic medicines along with allopathic ones?
Ans:- Yes, but there has to be a time gap of about 2 hours to avoid counter interaction of two different types of medicines.

Ques. 4: Is Homoeopathy good only for children?
Ans:- Homoeopathic Remedies are good for children and adults alike. They  work on all age groups in the same manner.

Ques. 5: What is the advantage of Homoeopathy over Allopathy?
Ans:- While allopathy works on the principle of suppressing or palliating diseases Homoeopathy roots them out. Hence, it is not the power of the drug but our body’s own immunity that treats the disease. It has no side effects at all.

Ques. 6: Since they appear similar, are all the Homoeopathic medicines same?
Ans:- Absolutely Not. Homoeopathic remedies appear same because they are in their dilution forms. But each medicine has different organs on which it acts. The source of all medicines is different. While some of them are made from the extracts of plant kingdom, some may come from the Animal Kingdom. Some medicines come from mollusks, minerals, reptiles or even fishes. That is why they act on different organ systems of the body.

Ques. 7: Diagnostic tests are not required for Homoeopathic treatment?
Ans:- This is absolutely untrue. During the preliminary Homoeopathic consultation, tests of diagnostic procedures are not required. But in order to establish a complete cure, it is very important to know the internal damages that are caused by the disease and this can be done by the diagnostic tests only.

Ques. 8: Is Homoeopathy all about giving only single remedy?
Ans:- According to the principles of Homoeopathy, giving a single remedy is most suited. But if it is a complex and long-duration disease, prescribing a dose of well-coordinated medicines is obviously required.

Ques. 9: Is it true that onion, garlic, tea and coffee has to be stopped during the course of homoeopathic treatment?
Ans:- The Consumption of these eatables has nothing to do with the effect of the medicines. In fact the  homoeopathic medicines work wonders even on tobacco and coffee-addicts. But the time-gap of around 20 minutes should be maintained between the consumption of these eatables and medicines. Also, after eating these products, one should rinse the mouth thoroughly so as to avoid any aroma is the mouth.

Ques. 10: In short, what is the superiority of Homoeopathy over other systems of medicine, in today world?
Ans:- The superiority of Homoeopathy over other systems of medicine is as follows -:
(i) Diseases like migraine, psoriasis,  Varicose veins, Angina-pectoris, diabetes  mellitus, piles, Bet-wetting have no full cure in any other pathy. These diseases require removal of their root  cause for cure, which is established only by Homoeopathy.
(ii) Homoeopathic medicines do not harm any other organ of the body during the course of treatment of the diseased organs, hence it is safe and side-effect free.

Ques. 11: Why is surgery not included in Homoeopathy?
Ans:- This is because the Homoeopathic medicines have the power to cure even those organs which need surgery. If the medicine itself can remove your Renal calculi by dissolving your kidney stone then what is the sense of undergoing operation, which could be critical? For Tonsillitis and Bronchitis the medicines like Baryta Carb and Belladonna cure the organs without having to go for surgery.

Ques. 12 : Which are the common diseases where Homoeopathy can save us even from a surgeon’s knife ?
Ans:- Renal Calculi, breast tumor, tonsillitis  skin-warts, sinus, ovarian tumors, Uterine Fibroid are some of the most popular cases, where thousands of patients have saved themselves from the surgeon’s knife through Homoeopathic medicines.

Ques. 13: And frankly, what are the limitations of Homoeopathy?
Ans:- The selection of correct medicine in Homoeopathy requires a lot of skill, precision and patience. In emergency cases like accident, delivery high fever and pure surgical cases, where the body part is fully damaged, there is no time for doctor to sit  and do case-taking. The welfare of the patient is above everything for doctors of any pathy. In such cases, Homoeopathic consultation is not required and patients need to switch to any other system of medicine. 

Ques. 14: It is said that Homoeopathy focuses more on mental symptoms than on physical symptoms. Is it true ?
Ans:- It is true that out of all the systems of medicine, it is only Homoeopathy that takes mental symptoms into account. But treating the disease of the patient requires thorough knowledge of the disease, its symptoms and its manifestations. Thus Homoeopathic cure is a balanced mixture of mental & physical symptoms both.

Ques. 15: It is true that Homoeopathy first increases the disease before treating it?
Ans:- Every person knows that Homoeopathic medicines are given on the basis of similarity of symptoms. The person may sometimes feel the primary action of medicines as aggravation but it is only the tempory phase of the curative action of the medicines.

Ques. 16: Some people read few Homoeopathic booklets in the market and start taking their own treatment, So, is medical degree not required for taking them?
Ans:- This booklet-reading and then taking of medicine is not just a problem related to Homoeopathy, it is actually a problem to all the systems of medicine. Many people take shankhpushpi as a memory-tonic, eat honey for cardiac diseases, take triphla and lavanbhaskar churna for gastric troubles. Isabgol is often consumed by many people for constipation even without the advice of any Ayurvedic Doctor. Many people take allopathic drugs like comb flam as a pain killer, Becosules tablets for mouth ulcer and various types of antibiotics for infection even without the advice of allopathic doctors. In short, this concept of reading books and taking medicines without the consultation of doctors has its own adverse effects, because the patients only complicate their diseases in this manner.

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