Fruits And Vegetables For Healthy Eyes

Fruits And Vegetables For Healthy Eyes

Fruits And Vegetables For Healthy Eyes

Vitamin A should form an important part in the diet for ensuring the proper functioning, development and maintenance of vision. This vitamin is also important for skin and the effective functioning of the immune system in the human body as well. This vitamin can be obtained from many vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and from dairy products. It will also help in prevention of nighttime blindness, dry eyes, inflammation and can treat many other health conditions as well. Here are some necessary foods that can help in improving the health of those organs that help us to see this world:


This vegetable is the rich source of Vitamin C, B, K, magnesium, fiber and beta-carotene. Reports state that regular consumption of carrots in the diet will help in improving vision. Reports further add that a medium-sized carrot can meet 200% of the average Vitamin A requirement of an adult.


This is another veggie that is a rich source of vitamin C and lycopene. It is low in calorie content, but it is rich in many other minerals and vitamins. Just a small size tomato can meet 20% of the daily vitamin A requirement of the human body. A nerve located in the back of your eye plays an important role in the process of identifying light and sending information to the brain. When Vitamin A content reduces in the body, it will have a negative impact on the healthy functioning of this nerve. This can even lead to many disorders in the vision and can finally lead to blindness.

Sweet potatoes:

These vegetables are also rich in their nutrient content and a medium size sweet potato can provide an incredible 400+% of vitamin A requirement of an individual. Another great thing to remember here is that these veggies can add just 103 calories to your diet, if you are concerned about your weight.


This calcium, iron, manganese, vitamin K and Vitamin C food can play an important role towards improving overall health. Per serving, a cup of spinach can meet 49% of the vitamin A requirement of the body.


These fruits are also rich in different minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and vitamin C. A medium sized peach can meet 10% of vitamin A requirement, thereby meeting the requirement of this vitamin almost immediately.

Dried apricots:

This is a healthy snack and a cup of dried apricots has 94% of the recommended vitamin A intake for a given day.


This is another healthy fruit that is known for its richness in vitamin B, K and C. When you take a cup of peas, it will just provide your body with 62 calories and will meet 134% of the recommended vitamin A intake of your body. When it comes to black-eyed peas, they are rich in beta-carotene and are useful in boosting immune system, antioxidants and vision health.

The other foods that can help in this regard are mangoes and turnip greens as they can also play an important role in improving your vision.

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