Generic Medicines over Branded Medicines

Generic Medicines over Branded Medicines

Generic Medicines over Branded Medicines

Each and every medicine we brought has an official generic name. If it has been manufactured by distinct companies, each of them gives it a medicinal brand or trade name. So, for one medicine, there can be a generic name and brand name also (whether one or more). That’s the reason it leads to confusion many times.

Generic names v/s Brand names

Generic names: The official name of any medicine is termed as generic name of that medicine. An arrangement of medicines having similar type of actions, frequently have analogous generic names. Such as Phenoxy-methyl-penicillin, Flucloxacillin, Ampicillin, Amoxicillin etc are included in one arrangement of anti-biotics.

Brand names: Several medicines have more than one names referred to as brand names. This is usually selected by the manufacturer firm. Distinct firms might manufacture the similar generic medicines, each of them having their separate brand names. That name is generally selected to be remarkable for the advertising purposes, or for easy to remember or pronounce than that of the generic names (which are usually complex ones) for common people. There are many Pharmaceutical companies providing distinct medicines including INTAS Pharma and other govt. hospitals also provide medicines to the common people.

The brand name is written on the top and in the most efficient manner in the packaging of the medicines. However, you can constantly see the generic name written somewhere with no highlights i.e. in small words on the packaging. But you may also see some medicines very rarely having only the generic name on the packaging, not the brand name.

The distinct companies provide the similar medicines with some variations such as in their color, shape or size in accordance with their manufacturers. Don’t get startled if you find your usual medicine with distinct company in different color or size or shape. It may be due to the Treatment provided to you or the pharmacist recommending you different company medicines, or the doctor’s prescript Treatment for generic medicine instead of the branded ones. However, the inside medicine will always be same if the generic name was similar to that of the previous ones.

Govt. Hospitals v/s Private Hospitals Medicines

Alike regular patients, distinct medical professionals have doubts for getting admitted to a private or to a govt. hospital. However, the services rendered by govt. or private hospitals matches a lot, but some major distinctions turns them apart.

Govt. Hospitals are much big in size than the private ones, due to this; private hospitals can render more personalized Treatment to the individuals who come to them. Govt. Hospitals are being financed by the govt. authorities and therefore not able to turn the patients away and thus have to provide the medicinal support to all of them. On the contrary, Private hospitals can deny the Treatment, but in accordance with the law, the emergency case should be treated and then that patient can only be sent to the govt. hospitals.

Affect on the Common People

Whenever the doctor is recommending the medicines or an individual is purchasing from the pharmacist, they have the choice amongst branded & generic medicines. Generic medicines however are less expensive than the branded ones, but the active constituent (the constituent that generates the remedial effect of the medicine is approximate similar in both of them.

Medicines also have constituents that are not active which are utilized to devise the active constituent into a liquid form, tablet form or cream or other form. These inactive constituents are referred to as ex-cipients and distinct manufacturers don’t use them many times while devising their products. This is the reason why the medicines delimit the similar active constituent but formulated by distinct manufacturers may differ in their looks. The ex-cipients utilized might delimit a bit distinction among them, like in its size, color or the required time for the medicine to dissolve into the stomach and be captivated into the blood flow. However, these dissimilarities are seldom considerable which is why the generic & branded medicines are (with certain exceptions) identical.

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