Get Out Of The Myths About Acidity

Get Out Of The Myths About Acidity

Get Out Of The Myths About Acidity

Acidity is turning out to be a common problem these days and different reasons are stated for the same. The good news is that this issue can be cured and even it can be prevented, when the appropriate reason behind its occurrence is identified. One way to find the right relief for this issue is to stop believing the false claims surrounding around this issue and here are some myths and facts about acidity:

Acidity is an indicator of bad health:

This is just a fable and this is a normal issue that should never be considered a sign of a bigger health issue. Even, hereditary reasons can contribute towards acidity in some people and here are the three factors contributing towards acidity:

Inappropriate foods: Reports state that increased consumption of spicy and oil foods and not eating foods at the right times are major causes.

Alcohol consumption: Even though, this is a small problem, it should be cured immediately. If not treated at the right time, it can lead to ulcer in stomach. Increased consumption of alcohol is one among the important reasons behind acidity.

Cold milk can bring down acidity:

This is also a false belief. Even though, cold milk can temporarily bring down the discomfort caused by acidity, it cannot provide long-term cure. Like milk, cold lemon juice is also known to provide relief and this is also not a permanent solution. If an individual is regularly consuming cold milk to ease acidity, this is the time to re-think as doctors state that daily consumption of cold milk can lead to an issue called as alkali syndrome.

Heartburns always signs of acidity:

The fact is that heartburn can be a sign of another underlying issue. Even though, acidity can cause heartburn, it is not the only issue that causes heartburn. When an individual has acidity, the burning sensation will occur in the lower abdomen. Doctors warn that lack of physical activity, stress, smoking and inappropriate lifestyle can lead to acidity.

Antacid is safe:

This is another false story revolving around acidity. Any medicine that is taken on a long-term basis will surely lead to side-effects and there is no exception to this rule for acidity medicines. Even, they can be more dangerous as compared to other medications. The reason is that these medicines can neutralize some types of natural acids that are present in the stomach. These natural acids are responsible for breaking down the fats that are present in the foods into smaller particles for easy digestion. Even, they are responsible for clearing out the stomach. When these acids reduce due to antacid medicines, they can lead to some other serious consequences.

So, patients getting frequent acidity issue should get out of these false beliefs and should seek the help of a doctor, rather than taking any medicines on a long-term basis without appropriate prescription. This problem can be rightly cured with appropriate medical advice without any problem.

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