Get To Know The Multiple Benefits Of Onions

Get To Know The Multiple Benefits Of Onions

Get To Know The Multiple Benefits Of Onions


Onions are vegetables that form part in many cuisines, mainly for their taste and this vegetable is known to bring a wide range of health benefits as well. Every part of this plant can provide one form of health benefit or another. These vegetables are less known for their medicinal properties and here are the details that will help you in understanding the health benefits:

Rich in anti-fungal activities:

This vegetable is rich in anti bacterial and antifungal properties and this is why it is added in many food products as disinfectant and preservative. So, adding onion to foods can bring down the ill effects if any, present in other ingredients.


Ayurvedic experts state that drinking onion in juice form can provide a great deal of refreshment to the body. It can revitalize the different parts of the body and it can keep the users awakened. For bleeding nose, a little amount of onion juice can be dropped into the nostrils.

Treatment for faints:

Onion is stated to be effective in treating faints and people suffering with perpetual faints should be treated with onion serum. All that is to be done is to drop the serum into the nostrils of the fainted person and this will help the patient to gain back consciousness quickly.

Prevention of a number of ailments:

For those interested in prevention of piles, digestive issues and even heart-related issues, onion can be cooked separately for consumption. Not only for those interested in prevention, but it can also be a good vegetable to add to the diet for people, who already have these issues to keep the problems under control.

Joint and muscle pain:

For those suffering from muscle and joint pain all they can do is to make a thick paste by pounding onion and mustard oil can be added to the paste. This mixture can be applied to the places of pain and this can work as a natural painkiller.

Fly repellent:

This natural vegetable can also act as a good fly repellent. Yes, planting this plant in the garden will help in keeping insects and plants away. Even, it can help in treatment of scorpion bite and even for bites of other poisonous insects. To get relief, the vegetable can be crushed and applied directly on the place of bite.


Eating this vegetable on a regular basis will help in improving fertility rate in men and women. Even, reports state that it can improve sperm count in men and it can also treat erectile problems as well.

Dental, eye and ear problems:

It is suggested in ayurveda for treatment of problem in oral health, eye problems and issues in ears as well. Even, it can provide relief for dry cough and asthma problems as well. Taking the juice of this vegetable, two spoons daily in the evening along with other foods can help patients with dry cough and asthma problems.

Apart from these benefits, it can treat numbness and inflammation and it can cure hair problems as well.

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