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Hair Transplant Procedure - What Should You Know?

Hair TransplantationIf you are worried about your receding hairline and one of your friends has told about hair transplant procedure, you might be thinking about this procedure and what it is all about. Hair transplantation is a procedure that replaces the lost hair or hairline of an individual by moving hair follicles from any part of the body. This part of the body from where the hair follicles are taken is called as the donor site and the part at which the natural hair is lost or is receding is called as the recipient site. This procedure is done under local anaesthesia and there will not be much discomfort after the completion of the procedure. During the surgery, the patients can either watch television or even they can take a nap as well. Here are the details about the steps involved in this procedure.


During hair transplantation procedure a number of things are to be considered. So, the surgeon will consider different factors like the quality and density of follicles in the donor area. Also, planning the hairline is the important steps in this procedure, wherein the surgeon will analyse the face of the patient and will accordingly set the hairline. The reason is that even small things can bring an effect on the final result.

Pre-surgery procedure:

The patient will be recommended to shampoo the hair the day before and even on the morning of the surgery day.

Preparation of donor area:


The donor area should be prepared for removing hair follicles and for this, the area is prepared by trimming the length from two to four millimetre and then local anesthesia will be given for removing hair from that area. Then, the area is allowed to swell up with the help of normal saline injection to the entire area and once this is done, the patient will be ready for the procedure within 10-20 minutes.

Removal of donor tissue:

Then, the hair tissue is removed from the donor area and these tissues with hair follicles will be used for making permanent hair restoration in the bald area. Then, the donor area will be sutured, which will be removed in about 10 days after the surgical procedure.

Preparation of hair graft:

The strips from the donor area are divided into their follicle grouping, wherein each unit will have a few follicles. Several procedures will be done before the grafting and finally the area will be ready for placement of new follicles that were removed from the donor area.

Preparation of area of receipt and the graft insertion:

Again, the recipient area is injected with local anaesthesia. Then, several incisions will be made in this area in the ratio of one for each follicle unit. Here, the surgeon will pay special attention to the location, angle and depth of each unit. The surgeon will also ensure that the result should give a natural look to the patient and the graft insertion will take about 5-6 hours.

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