Health Benefits Of Red Bananas

Health Benefits Of Red Bananas

Health Benefits Of Red Bananas

Red bananas are a banana variety with reddish purple skin and these are referred to as red Dacca bananas in Australia. They are known to have great nutritional values and they are rich in potassium like yellow bananas.

How does it taste?

These fruits have raspberry flavor and they are sweeter than yellow bananas. The color of the flesh of this fruit varies from cream to light pink. These fruits are cultivated in South America, East Africa and Asia.

Nutritional analysis:

Even though, they have similar nutritional values when compared to yellow bananas, the difference lies in the Vitamin C and Carotene content. Yes, red ones are richer in these minerals and the reason is the color. Reports state that the peel of this fruit has more carotene content than its flesh.

Health benefits:

These fruits are the favorites in Central America because of their taste. Another reason of favoritism is its raspberry flavor and sweet taste. These fruits can help the body in getting proper nutrition and it will also help in improving the digestive functions. Here are the details about the health benefits it can bring:

Weight Loss:

These fruits are known to have low glycemic index and low calories as well and so they can be rightly included in the weight loss plan. Once a fruit is consumed, people will not feel hunger for long and so their food consumption will reduce, thereby helping towards weight loss. It can control appetite and can bring down food cravings. Due to the good nutritional value, it can be the right choice when it comes to weight loss.

Digestive health and constipation:

A single red banana can provide up to 3-4 grams of dietary fiber, which will help in keeping the digestive tract healthy. When digestive functions happen in the right manner, constipation will also be eliminated. A single fruit can meet up to 15% of daily fiber requirement.

Heart diseases:

Due to the potassium and fiber content of this fruit, it will bring down the risks associated with heart diseases and even other metabolic diseases as well. Reports state that a medium-sized red banana can provide 400 mg of potassium to the body, which is equivalent to 11% of daily potassium requirement of humans. Potassium is an important mineral for ensuring heart health and it will help in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance in the body. Even, this fruit can play an important role in improving the functioning of heart muscles and it will ensure proper heart contraction, which is essential to take blood to different organs of the body for ensuring their health as well.

Even, potassium rich foods are known to bring down blood pressure level and so high blood pressure patients can also take this fruit on a regular basis.


This fruit is a good source of Vitamin B6 and iron, which are essential for healthy hemoglobin level and red blood cell metabolism.

Apart for these benefits, it can improve immunity and can prevent cancer as well.

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