Herbal Supplement for Body Building

Herbal Supplement for Body Building

Herbal Supplement for Body Building

Nowadays people are more concern to strong muscles and attractive bodies. Body building has risen up as a craze these days. This can be seen by noticing gyms opening around you. Every one wants to have grotesque body with splendid muscular capacity. And just for this people start taking steroids, we have already gone through so many stories of steroid users, many athletes are getting caught using steroid. These steroids when used for long term cause liver disorder, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and many other. 

In medical science when body building is done methodically and scientifically it becomes an art.

Body building is not new to our ancient science “Ayurveda”. Now let’s see what Ayurveda has got for you in this regard.

Many people use artificial protein supplement along with steroids to improve there muscles. But ayurveda our own medical science says that body building just can be achieved by proper nutrition, exercise, ayurvedic herbs and lifestyle guidance’s.


Ayurveda herb can facilitate a perfect muscle growth along with low fat diet and frequent exercise. 

1) Ashwagandha – 

Ashwagandha is a well known traditional herb of India also known as "ginseng of India” because of its property to improve energy and stamina. These ayurvedic herbs consist of steroidal lactones and steroidal alkaloids which not only increase the body energy level but also endure and rejuvenate the body. It acts as powerful antioxidant which boosts up immune system and provides strengthening effect to the body. These unique medicinal qualities of Ashwagandha make it best supplement for body builders 

Ashwagandha is also known to have a calming effect on the mind.

2) Tribulus-

This is a low-growing, weedy herb with extremely powerful medicinal effects. It is famous among athletes for its well known property of improving muscle growth with few or no side effects. It is also used as a libido enhancer for men as it raises the testosterone level. Its property of regulating testosterone in body helps in increasing sperm count, physical strength, promotes ovulation and libido, reduce and combat stress and improve blood circulation.

3) Shatavari-

 Shatavari  is an indigenous medicine of India also mentioned under six important rasayanas in ayurveda . This herb known to contain important compounds which act as an androgenic hormone, which are useful especially in case of body building or weight training.

4) Vidari kand-

Vidari Kanda consists of natural steroids, Sugars, Amino acids and Sterols which helps to enhance the strength of body and muscles growth. It acts as rejuvenating herb for body. It helps to slow down the ageing process of the body. It also act as aphrodisiac. Overall it increases rasadhatu and nourishes whole body which provides a healthy growth to the body.  


As per ayurveda to increase body building one must take “brimhaniya dravya”  ( or heavy / smooth / high calorie food) with regular exercise.

• Eat as per your energy requirement & physical activity. 

• Intake  of  “brimhaniya dravya”  group (cheese, sweet items, milk, ghee,  wheat rice, curd,  and proteins of high biological value like Chicken, egg, fish, mutton) .

• Dry fruits which are good source of carbohydrate and proteins like dates, almonds, pistachios, raisins, groundnuts etc. 

• Maintain hydration: Water is essential for maintaining hydration level and proper muscle tone. So, sipping small quantities of water can be very useful during workouts. 

• Avoid saturated fat, spicy food; packed foods, eating too much fat can contribute to excess energy intake, leading to becoming overweight. So it’s very important to choose a right dairy product. 


Physical Workout : Ayurveda prescribe the exercise that would burn 50% of your energy. The amount exercise should be balanced and limited.

1. Yogic Aasanas for toning & stretching exercise. 

2. Aerobic exercises like Jogging, cycling, swimming etc 

3. Proper weight training.

4. Regular morning walk.

Prepared by : Dr Shivani Amola

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