Home Remedies for Skin Tanning

Home Remedies for Skin Tanning

Home Remedies for Skin Tanning

Summer, when the sunshine is on the peak, is the best time to enjoy with colleagues and other relatives on the beach or park. Other than the fun aspect, at the end of the day many of you are left with tanned and ugly marks on the body due to sun, which are very stubborn to get rid of. However, there are innumerous products in the market which promises to Remove Tan and other damage caused by sun. But none of them proves best to cure your Skin Tanning without any side effect, that’s why natural remedies are preferred to Remove Tan and then soothes & nourishes your skin in a better way. We’re providing numerous homemade packs for skin tan, to get rid of them easily.

Causes of Getting Sun Tan or Sun Damage on the skin
The Skin Tanning can be generated on your hand’s skin due to exposure to harsh chemicals or UV rays continuously, or you might be an athlete and involves in sports and therefore, exposed to dusty environment or polluted environment and you ignore your body completely and didn’t clean it on a regular basis. In this manner, one’s skin gets tanned and loses its originality and natural beauty.

However, many of you ask that is it really possible to eliminate sun damage or Skin Tanning from your skin completely? Well, yes with the help of home remedies, you can do that. But, keep in mind that patience is the key to natural or home remedies. Some of the homemade packs for Skin tan are described below:

• Lemon Juice: We habitually use lemon juice to remove marks or blemishes on the face. However, it also lessens the skin tannig without drying your skin. So, just slice the lemon and massage it on the areas where tan has deposited. Wait for few minutes before you wash it. If you follow this for at least two to four months, you’ll be able to Remove Tan. Therefore, in this way Tan Removal works.

• Lemon Juice, Cucumber & Rose Water Combined Pack: If the lemon juice lets you experience severity then you can opt for this home-made pack. To make this pack, mix a tablespoon of lemon juice, extract of cucumber and also rose bowl in a container. Rub this assimilation on the tanned areas gently. In this pack, the lemon juice removes tan, cucumber and rose water will relive you from burnt or scarred skin.

• Turmeric & Bengal Gram Flour Combined Pack: If you are impatient and require immediate exfoliation & also Tan Removal, then this pack will suit you the best. Mix two table spoons of Bengal Gram Flour and a pinch of turmeric powder and then add rose water and milk (a tablespoon). You may also add a tablespoon of squashed or in powdered form of orange peel.

And then apply it on the affected areas and wait for 20 minutes. As the pack gets dry, moisturize your skin with water drops. Afterwards, remove the pack by rubbing firstly in clockwise direction and then in anti-clockwise, until your skin gets good results.

• Aloe Vera, Red Lentils and Tomato Pack: Combine Red Lentils (Masoor Daal), aloe Vera and tomato with each other. The quantity of red lentils should be one table spoon (soaked in water), however, the tomato and aloe Vera extract should be in equal amount. The pack then should be applied to your face and let it settles for 30 minutes and then wash it off with the help of cold water.

• Honey & Papaya: Few spoons of papaya can brighten and whiten your skin by renovating and exfoliating the cells of the skin. And the honey makes the skin softer and agile. Therefore, the combined pack can be an efficient Tan Removal as a Home Remedy for Glowing Skin. Combine half cup of ripen papaya and a table spoon of honey together, mix them well and rub on your face and wait for 30 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm or cold water.

• Butter Milk & Oat Meal Pack: One of the best recommendations for eliminating skin tan, just mix 3 TS (table spoon) of Butter Milk with 2 TS of Oat Meal and then rub on the affected areas in clock wise motion. The butter milk will alleviates your skin and cure the scars and the oat meal will behave as an exfoliation material, disclosing your real and younger skin.

• Yogurt & Tomato Pack: The tomato consists of citric properties, and therefore operates on the skin as a natural tan remover. If you also desire to lessen the dark spots from the skin, then this pack can prove best for you. The extraction of tomato reduces the dark spots and operates as a toner and opens all the skin pores and also lessens the oil in a natural manner. However, yogurt functions as a natural lightening agent and fights with the sun tan. For making this pack, mix one TS of each of them (Yogurt and Tomato extract) and massage on your face. Dry the pack for 30 minutes and wash it off with the help of water. However, you may feel a little itchy sensation, this ensure that it has began to work.

• Yogurt & Orange Juice Pack: For preparing this wonderful pack, just mix a TS of Orange Juice with the yogurt and apply the assimilation on your face for 30 min and then cleanse it with water. This will eliminate the tan caused by sun surely.

• Strawberry & Milk Pack: This is really a good home remedy for skin Tan Removal with nothing messy and disappointing. For preparing this pack, crush 5 strawberries and add it to 2 TS of milk cream (fresh). Mix the contents and apply on your face on the affected areas and let it be for 30 minutes until you wash it off. However, resist the persuasion to swallow this in to your mouth.

• Lemon Juice & Potato: You’ve never heard of potato as a best Tan Removal when mixed with lemon juice. The potato is laden with important proteins, minerals and therefore can treat marks as well as sun burn in a natural manner. Prepare this pack by extracting juice from a potato and combine it with 1 TS of lemon juice (fresh). Apply on your face and let it stay for 30 min and wash it.

• Sandalwood Paste: Sandalwood Paste can let you get back your skin from a bad sun tan. Just apply the sandalwood paste on a regular basis prior to going to bed. You can either let it stay for the whole night or wash it off as soon as it becomes dry.

• Coconut Water & Sandalwood Pack: Sandalwood is used for its medicinal properties and proves as an efficient anti-tan product when mixed with coconut water. Combine a TS of Sandalwood powder and the coconut water itself. You can also combine only some drops of almond extract as well. Simultaneously, they’ll not only revive your skin but also purifies it and calms you sunburn and thus, removes tanning from your skin.

• Honey & Pineapple Pack: Pineapple, famous as the king of tropical fruits, for its taste and piquancy and yet fresh flavor. The extract of pineapple can assist in removing the dead cells from the immensely tanned arenas. It can also lessen the process of aging as it possess Vitamin C. When this extract is combined with honey, the effectiveness becomes triple times. The preparation of this pack can be via mixing pulp of pineapple with TS of honey.

• Milk & Turmeric Pack: Combine together a pinch of turmeric powder in a glass container with milk. Spread over this solution on one’s face and let it turn out to be dry. You can then safely reiterate this procedure until the tan deposited on your face has gone. You’ll then become astonished from the softness result of skin.

• Pack of Cabbage Leaves: Yes, these green leaves can have surprisingly effects on the tan deposited on your face. For removing the tan, you just have to put some cold cabbage leaves on the areas which are affected by tan. Does this process as frequent as you required.

• Vicks Vapor Rub: You might be surprised to know that applying Vicks Vapor Rub on the areas which are affected by sun burnt, it is actually been benefitted.

• Green Gourd Pack: One more Home remedy for glowing skin from veggies, this also assists you in fighting with even the worst cases of sun tan. You just have to rub down the affected areas with the green gourd’s juice, about three to four times in a day. Although, you might smell similar to refrigerator in your home, but you’ll surely throw away the tan.

• Apply Plain Yogurt: Soothingly apply the curd on to the areas affected by sun burnt, before taking a shower. You may also apply some honey drops after waiting for some time to take yogurt into effect. The yogurt can prove as an authoritative anti-tanning cause whilst honey will turn the facial skin soft.

• Ice Cubes: If the sun burn case is worst, you may even rub ice cubes on the affected areas to lessen the burning as well as itchiness that comes along with sun tan. Consecutively, only soak in bath of cold water to ease the sunburn’s symptoms.

• Pack of Aloe & Multani: Commonly known as Multani Mitti, and officially referred as Fuller’s earth is all you require for whole care of skin. It soothes and calms your acne as well as sun burns in few days, and also is not at all expensive.

Precautions from Skin Tanning
• Make use of sunscreens almost every day with minimal 24 SPF (Sun Protection Factor) or more than it.
• Take an umbrella with you and also wear a hat to look after your facial skin from getting darkens.
• Each and Every night, dampen not only your face but also other body parts for the action of cell repairing.
These are very few constituents of your kitchen (or from your refrigerator) which can make your skin tan free with excellent results. So, go for it.

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