Honey & its Medicinal Values

Honey & its Medicinal Values

Bees and insects gather nectar from plants and transform it to honey. However, honey made by bees and other insects are very different and not generally ingested. So, for all practical purposes humans consume honey made by bees. Bees collect nectar through their tongues and store it in their honeycombs by converting them to honey through a process of regurgitation. The body enzymes present in bees vaporises most of the water from the nectar and alters it to honey.

In order to overlook this, all you have to do is taste a drop of this delightful golden liquid. Once you have tasted it, it becomes completely plausible that humans have coveted and enjoyed it for as many as 8000 years; depicted in cave paintings.

Pure honey has a distinctive sharp delicious taste. This sticky gold has the ability to linger on your tongue and warm your senses. The reason for this sweetness in honey is the presence of fructose and glucose. Honey has countless prevalent medicinal values.

Honey is a miracle worker when it comes to cuts, wounds or lesions. It has been used for more than a century in dressing and bandaging postoperative wounds, owing to its antibiotic and therapeutic properties. The main reason for this is honey prevents the growth of microorganisms to a large extent due to its low water content.

Companies have even come up with gels that have a honey base for the treatment of drug-resistant bacteria infections.

It has been used extensively in the treatment of burn victims. It effectively revives old, dead skin and accommodates the growth of new healthy tissue.
Apply honey with lemon for a glow comparable to any facial. Honey has bleaching properties that lighten skin and facial hair.

It is an incredible facial toner good for treatment of blackheads and acne scars. Soothe cracked and chapped lips with honey and avail its natural healing properties.

Honey is also an excellent hair conditioner. Mixing olive oil and cinnamon with honey makes it a superb antidote for hair loss.

Honey has fewer calories than sugar, reduces cholesterol and is an ingenious substitute to sugar for the weight and diet conscious. Drink honey with cinnamon and hot water every morning for weight loss and prevention of fat accumulation in the body

Honey is a rich source of antioxidants and Vitamin C. It boosts immunity and checks wrinkles and makes the skin supple. Antioxidants increase blood circulation to brain and prevent fatigue.

Use honey to treat peptic ulcers, gastric problems, bladder infections, colitis both through external applications and consumption.

It is also used to treat cold, sore throat and dry cough.
Honey aids digestion and relieves acidity.

It’s also a commonly held belief that honey reduces allergies and purifies the blood.

Studies are forever being conducted to discover the vast curative properties of honey. Of course, nothing beats its deliciousness. Use it in your tea, coffee, cereals, juice, cakes etc. and revel in a new sensation. Humanity owes special thanks to bees for their astounding contribution.

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