How Sexually Transmitted Infection can be Prevented
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How Sexually Transmitted Infection can be Prevented

How Sexually Transmitted Infection can be Prevented


Venereal diseases (VD) or sexually transmitted infections (STI) are infections that are passed from one person to other by sex, and especially vaginal intercourse. This venereal disease or std disease mostly affects your genitals, skin, mucous membranes, and many other parts of your body such as brain and your heart. There are different types of STD caused by bacteria, viruses, and parasites. A chronic STI is one of the leading causes of infertility, urinary tract problems and prostatic inflammation in men. 

Classification of STD:

  • Bacterial STIs –Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis .
  • Viral STIs-genital herpes, HIV/AIDS, genital warts.
  • Parasitic STIs-trichomoniasis. 

In ayurveda STD are described as Upadamsha: 

Upadamsha is caused by factor which vitiates vata dosha such as:

  • Abrasion in genitals.
  • Injury caused by nails, teeth in genitals.
  • Not cleaning the genietelia.
  • Excess sexual indulgence.
  • Contact of infected vagina.
  • Unethical sexual indulgence.
  • At this early stage local irritation is caused in genitals due to above reasons.
  • In the mean while the condition gets worse when:

  • Causative factor is continued.
  • Skin lesion are neglected.
  • Regular itching in the genital. 
  • Due to these condition vata dosha gets vitiated which took over other dosha to all over the body and thus disease may extend to other part of the body resulting in a condition called Updamsha or STD.

    Symptoms of STD:

  • Skin lesion/gangrene in genitals, mucus membrane or any other part of the body.
  • Pricking sensation in lesion.
  • Sever oozing/ associated with discharge.
  • Pricking sensation, itching, oedema and burning sensation in infected area.
  • Gangrenous genitals.
  • Pain during coitus.
  • Line of treatment:

    1. Triphala churn- 2 grams twice daily.
    2. Panchnimbadi churn-2 grams twice daily.
    3. Patoladi khasya- 20ml with equal amount of water.
    4. Khadirarisht-20ml with equal amount of water.
    5. Sharibhadyaasav-20ml with equal amount of water.
    6. An external ointment can be made by burning Triphala churn then grinding with honey.
    7. Gandhak rasayan- 1 tab twice a day.
    8. Kaishore gugglu- 1 tab twice a day.
    9. Arogyavardhini vati-1 tab twice a day.

    Chopcheeni pak, ras manikya, trivang bhasm, ras karpoor, praval pishti, varadi gugglu and many other.

    Diet and other regimen:

  • Alcohol, smoking, spicy food, cold foods (ice cream etc) must be avoided.
  • Kanji (water which is left when rice is cooked), walnut (akhrhot), poppy seeds (khus-khus ) is considered to be very beneficial for this condition.
  • Rice and milk intake should be increased. 
  • Citrus fruit or fruits which have high water content are specially recommended.
  • Some tips to prevent you from STD:

    • First of all to prevent yourself from STD you need to know your partner and second you need to know about condoms and safer sex.
    • Unsafe sex, multiple partner sex, unethical sex etc are the most common cause of STD so try to avoid them.
    • Safer sex is a condition which can be achieved by using condom (i.e. male or female), gloves, and other appropriate barriers. But these barrier work only when they are used consistently. So make up your mind for a safe and healthy sex with your partner.
    • Remember that barriers you are using are not 100% safe, but they greatly reduce the risk.
    • If your partner is on high risk then a regular check up is needed.
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